Monday, August 24, 2015

Can I get a drum roll please.......boom! I am serving in Peterborough!!

Hello everyone!! 

I finally get to write!! Yay! The rest of the MTC was great! We had a fun time, possibly too much fun...
 But we did learn a lot about how to teach lessons and all that jazz. 

They fed us a ton in the MTC! We definitely didn't starve there. We had an all you can eat pizza dinner one day, (So hell and damn are not swear words here) but after we ate, our teacher told the district "You guys ate a hell of a lot of pizza!" It keeps throwing me off. 

Haha Anyways, so yeah MTC was great. 
We then woke up early to drive to Birmingham. The mission home is in a small town next to Birmingham called Sutton Coldfield. That's when we took some mission pics, met with President Leppard, and learned our new assignments. We ate some lunch and then waited, and waited. Finally it comes. Can I get a drum roll please.......boom! I am serving in Peterborough!! 

My trainer is Elder Ashcraft. He's from California, super funny, and has been out for about 19 months. We're also white washing the area. That's when two new Elders come into an area not knowing anything about it. 
Usually they try to keep an Elder in the same area just to help with experience. 
We've spent some time getting to know the members, investigators, and just how to get around town. 
It is very much a biking area. Haha

We have also been doing a lot of finding in city centre. If you all want to check out where we're at, go onto google maps. Look up the cathedral in Peterborough. We're in that little city square next to the cathedral most of the time. 
Just to help you visualise where I'm at:)

But yeah, a lot of talking to people. A lot of people just really don't want to talk to us. I should say most people don't.
 But hey, if we can get one new investigator out of talking to 100 people, that one is totally worth it. 
My trainer said, "Get used to awkward situations, because as a missionary, your life is full of them." 
There are definitely awkward times when trying to speak to people.
But it makes it so worth it when someone really wants to listen! 

There are a ton of different cultures here in Peterborough. I thought we'd be teaching English people here in England...nope, that's not the case. Most of the people are from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Iran, Nigeria,
 Kenya, China, Japan, and many others. It's crazy! Lots of Muslims.
But we try to learn "hello" or "how are you" in all their different languages.
They love it when we speak their language. Of course, I don't know any yet, that's just what I'm told. Haha

There's a funny experience with someone we taught while sitting at a bench in city centre. 
We got pooped on by pigeons during the lesson! Both of us got pooped on at the same exact time!
It's like they were aiming for us. We just awkwardly sat there and then tried to wipe it off with some leaves.
That lesson didn't last much longer...

Our ward has a set of Elders and a set of Sisters. 
Funny enough, one of the Sisters (Sister Tenney) is from SNOWFLAKE of all places! Super small world. 

Accents are decent so far. Only a couple that I can't understand. A guy sat next to me in priesthood opening exercises. He started talking to me and I had NO IDEA what he was saying to I just smiled when he smiled, and laughed when he laughed! Hahaha

I had my first dinner appointment on Sunday. It was actually really good food! We had roast pork, vegetables, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and some yummy desserts. 

Every house here reminds me of the houses in Harry Potter. We walked into a members house and I saw the little door underneath the side of the stairs and I told my comp, "Yay! Harry Potters room!" 

 The weather is really, really weird here. There was one day where it started off hot and humid.
Not a single cloud in the sky. Then at around 3 ish clouds rolled in out of nowhere. It started POURING.
We were riding bikes and got totally soaked. Then the day ended off with blue skies. Crazy crazy!

The ward here is great! Bishop is a good guy. A couple of members are from America. They recently combined the two Peterborough wards into one ward. There are 100 ish members I think. But yeah, things here are going great!
I am homesick... But I find that when I just put my mind to the work, I don't have any time to think of home.
I am super happy to be a missionary though.
 It has been a great experience to have so far! I will talk to you all next week! 


Elder Wright

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