Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm Pretty Sure The Leaders "Dumb It Down" For Us...By That I Mean They Slow It Down So The Yanks Can Understand.

Hey guys!! 

Thank you guys so much for the emails! 
Communication with the outside world is fantastic!
Sounds like things are going great. 
(And yes mom....the mug looks VERY British now!) 

Things are great across the pond!

My companion's name is Elder Wall. He is a pretty cool guy. One of the 20 missionaries from Utah. My district is pretty good. Kinda crazy though!  The first day we were all just super tired from the flight. It was the longest day of my life. Anyways...that night's sleep was beautiful. Simply beautiful
The food here is actually quite good! There is no shortage of food, but there IS a shortage of water! The second day of the MTC, something bad happened with the water plant close by so now we don't have good drinking water. One of the MTC people drove to a Costco in Manchester to get a ton of water bottles. So we just drink from a bunch of bottles. My district started out pretty good. Then, some of the guys just started going crazy and joking around and stuff, but we get work done so that's good. We're teaching our progressing investigators everyday now. We're learning how to find the needs of people we meet and how to apply the gospel into their lives. Tomorrow, everyone in the MTC is going to Manchester to street contact. 
I'm kinda nervous but excited at the same time! 
It'll be good to get out of the MTC and see something! 

We're going to the temple today so I'm really excited about that!
In the MTC, we have some elders from Brazil, Norway, local English, Germany, Sweden, and a variety from the states. I love it here so much! It's pretty crazy being a missionary. Super tired all the time, but I think I'm pretty well used to the time zone here. It's kinda cool to look at my watch sometimes and see what time it is over there. Kinda cool to think about what you guys are doing. You're all sleeping right now and we're just starting off our day! 
The weather here is exactly like how everyone makes it to be. The other day, we were all playing football (soccer) out on the field and it was really hot and humid. We were all sweaty and stuff. By the time we got inside, cleaned up, and left to the district room, we looked outside and it was cloudy and raining. Super crazy!! But the weather has been surprisingly good over here! Lots of times the skies are blue and the sun is shining. Other times you wake up 
and it's a cloudy dark day. 
The countryside is beautiful. Its fun to look outside and see the hills and little towns. The "wrong" side of 
the road still kinda throws me off. 
I fear for my life every time we enter a roundabout. 
I'm kinda getting used to all the accents but I'm pretty sure the leaders here dumb it down for us, and by that I mean they slow it down so the yanks can understand. We walked past the stake center one time and overheard some of the youth talking, and it blew my mind. On top of the thick accents, they talk really really fast. A couple of the natives here told me to "have fun with the accents in Birmingham" haha I'll learn eventually. 
I got to play the piano once! That was super nice!
Anyways, I'm running out of time. We started emails late and were about to leave to Asda (equivalent of Walmart) to pick up some things. I love you all! I really REALLY appreciate the emails. Keep them coming!! 


We just got back from Asda! 

I have a tiny bit more time. It was nice to get out and see England!...even if it was just for a few minutes. Elder Wall and I got to sit in the front seat of the bus, which for us, is usually where the driver sits. It was super weird. I got some tic tacs, shampoo, and some kinder chocolate. 
Even the walking here is different. You'll be walking on the left side in the store and if you want to pass someone, you pass on the right. Everything is backwards. But they still use miles per hour here for the roads so that's kinda nice!:) Well, I sure love you guys and miss you!! Those notes in my bag were fantastic, thanks so much. 
You guys are the freaking best!! Love you! 
I dont know about P-day next week because we're leaving into the mission field either on Tuesday or Wednesday. 
I'll email you AS SOON AS I CAN! Love!

Elder Wright

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