Monday, August 31, 2015

The cows here eat greener grass, so their milk would be greener right?

Hello everyone!!
So this week was pretty good! I'm getting used to life in England and 
also life as a missionary! We ride bikes everywhere here in

Peterborough. I'm getting used to riding on the left side of the

road. One time though, I randomly switched into American mode and

started riding on the right. It was all good until a car was heading
for me and I quickly switched back to the left. Haha 
But yeah, everything is going good!
Our ward members are super cool! Well, there's one lady that is kinda
scary and we have a dinner appointment with her tonight. 
I'm kinda scared.
We went to dinner at the Casbon home the other day.
They're really cool people! But, they played a greenie prank on me.
They dyed the milk green. At first, I questioned it a little, but
didn't think much of it. I thought "Hmmm...must just be an England
thing." They mentioned that it was because I was a greenie...
 It made a lot more sense. 
It would make sense not to question it though right? 
The cows here eat greener grass, so their milk would be
greener right??? Haha just kidding;) It was kinda funny.
The people in town are cool! Of course there are the crazy ones. 
We have befriended a homeless guy. He calls us the "Jesus crew". 
Haha. But yeah, we talk to him about life every once in a while. 
He doesn't really believe in God and isn't interested 
in what we have to say, but he's a good guy. 
We met our first witch...and it was a he. We asked
him his religious views. He said, "Nothing really. I'm a witch though!
We make potions and lotions." Haha! Kinda weird.
 People listen every once in a while! Mainly younger people,
 and people from Eastern Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia). 
Things are going great here in England! 
Hahaha sooo, funny story. 
We were street contacting, and we tried to talk to a
woman that just came out of a store. We said, "Hello! How is your
day?" And no joke, she HISSED at us. 
Like a cat! 
She was completely serious faced, and then started walking away fast. 
Hahaha! We were laughing for a while after that one.
The weather has been kinda bad for the last few days. Just non stop
rain. We get SOAKED when riding our bikes through it. It's a
fun experience! Being a missionary is really the best!:) 
We visited the Peterborough cathedral today. 

It was super cool!:)
 It's crazy to see such old buildings around here.

Homesickness is getting a little better! The other day, it really hit me hard. 
I'm a missionary! This is awesome!! 
I truly am happy and blessed to be able to serve our
God and find those lost sheep. I love you all! Good luck with your
lives! Thanks for all the support and prayers:) 

Elder Wright

(Oh, just a couple of names to maybe keep in your prayers. 
Michael Luciano, and Decio. Thank you!)

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