Thursday, August 6, 2015

"These People On This Flight Don't Need To Fear"!

Hello everyone! 
So we arrived safely to the England MTC!! Its really beautiful here. Very cloudy and wet just like all the stereotypes say. Haha! But very green and cozy. We have a huge group of missionaries in the MTC (and by huge I mean like 70-80). I surprisingly don't feel too, too tired from all the flying but definitely feel it coming on. It keeps hitting me over and over again that I'm a missionary and am going to be out here for two years! Crazy! It is very different to walk around and have just regular people speaking in British accents. I befriended a couple of English elders so it's been cool talking with them. And yes....the teeth are very bad. It's so true. Almost all that I've seen have had crazy teeth. Haha! I got my bunk all situated and some of the stuff unpacked. We're going to have a meeting tonight where we'll get our MTC comps! There are some pretty cool elders here. WAY more than I expected. And we all met up in Jersey. We were joking around cause there were so many elders on the flight. Were like, "these people on the flight don't need to fear. The Lord protects His missionaries and there"s about 60 on this flight" It was pretty awesome. The driving on the roads is totally weird. And I did see a bunch of sheep on the side of the road. It was cool. The houses here are all the same....those small redbrick red roofed houses all bunched up next to each other. Super pretty here!! But yeah MTC is going to be fun but I'm excited for getting out into the field! Like I said, I keep realizing that I'm here for two years. Kinda freaky at this point.....but I think it'll be better once I rest up. The jet lag gets worse and worse. I slept a total of probably two hours on the flights here. Those airplanes man...not super comfortable. I dont know when P-day is, but I guess you guys will find out when I email you next! They just wanted us to let you know that we got here safely. 
I sure love you guys!! Thanks for all the support! Ill talk to ya laters!!

Elder Wright

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