Monday, September 21, 2015

"Forget Yourself and Go To Work"

Sup guys! 
Things are going good! T'was a good week in Peterborough:) Long week..but good! 
Let's see here...earlier in the week we went to Birmingham for a follow up training meeting. 
It was for all the greenies and their trainers. 
We were basically following up on what we've learned so far. 
It was good! I got to see some friends from the MTC and catch up with them. 
It's crazy how much of a friendship you can build with the elders in your MTC group! It's great! 
This week was full of trying different types of "finding". 
We tried hard to build good relationships with the ward members.
The members here are fantastic. 
We helped a lady pick pears from her pear tree.
We also helped a member (who's a teacher) with grading papers.
 Haha! I never thought I would be grading papers while on the mission, but hey! 
We tried to receive referrals from ward members. 
With those, it's super important to try to contact them right away and get back to the members. 
We did that a couple times in the week. But yeah! Lots of member work this week:) 
The work is still a little slow in our area! Grrr. 
But it helps to always look on the bright side of things.
Our investigators are still "busy" all the time. 
One of them might be in trouble with the law because of some minor offences. Haha Poor guy!
 My comp was super stressed out because our numbers were low again. But we're trying!!
The zone leaders were rebuking him for thinking about the numbers.
So here's a little lesson that I have learned. 
I'm embarrassed to say that I was thinking of myself in this situation.
 I was thinking about how I want to see success in our area and we just aren't. 
The Stamford Elders (in our district) aren't doing very well in their area either. 
Anyways, we started a fast one day this week. 
At first, I wanted to fast to help OUR area, unfortunately partially for pride reasons. 
My trainer said we should fast for the Stamford Elders so they can see some good things in their area. 
While on the mission, you CANNOT think of yourself. 
It gets you absolutely nowhere and will be a long two years if you're always thinking about you. 
Pres. Hinckley, (who was in my mission!:D) was also experiencing this same kind of thing. 
So he writes home, kind of complaining about this, and his dad sends him a simple letter saying, 
"Forget yourself and go to work." 
This quote is great!! 
Thanks to my trainer for teaching me this important lesson:)
So, now for some funnies. 
One day, we biked a ways out of town to contact some less actives. 
Well, my plastic bike pedal was kind of tight and didn't spin very well.
So I thought I would just bust through it anyways. 
It worked fine!....until the friction of it all MELTED the pedal off!! 
So I had to pedal back without one. Haha!
 We also saw some Pagan witches in town! It was kind of freaky. 
But yeah. Here is a picture of them. 

Ohhhh! We had kind of a crazy morning on the morning that we headed to Birmingham. 
It starts when I am half asleep, and my comp gets up to go restart the water heater. 
In my stupor, I hear a small explosion and see a flash of light! 
Apparently my comp put the cap to the water heater on a tad sideways and blew up the fuse! Haha!
 So we had cold showers. 
Then we head to the cash machines to take some money out for train tickets. 
When I put in the temporary debit card I was using, it said it was no longer valid and ate my card!
 I was like "What the flip!!" So I had to borrow some personal money from Elder Ashcraft. 
Now we're late for the train.
 While biking, I'm flying down the way and go round a corner and almost nailed another guy on a bike. 
We both slammed on the brakes and were sliding all over!  
Anyways, we finally arrive to the station. 
After waiting in queues for a while, we're SPRINTING to catch our train. 
Luckily, we just barely made the train!! Within seconds. 
It was an interesting and exciting morning! 

Well, that's about all I have for this past week! Things are good! 
I hope you all have a bright week over in the states:) 


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