Monday, September 7, 2015

Sister Swepsen feeds us every Sunday. She makes Brussel sprouts taste very good!

Hi everyone! 
So this week was pretty good!! 
We talked to a wide variety of people on the streets. 
Lots of people with different opinions and aren't afraid of making it known. 
Haha! But it's all part of the mission! 

I love my mission for many reasons, one of which is
talking to people from ALL over the world. You learn A LOT about what
different people believe. It's fun getting to know people's life
stories and everything. There are literally people from every part of
the world here. It's so crazy awesome!! There's a certain part of town
that is very Muslim. We decided to do some street contacting over
there just to try something new. The streets smell very much of curry
and everyone you see is Muslim. All the women are wearing the fab
hijab around their heads. For a moment, I looked around and seriously
felt like I was in the Middle East. Crazy awesome stuff! But I
have learned so much. We listened to this Muslim guy lecture us for a
bit, basically telling us to join Islam. "Muhammad was the last
prophet! The Quran is the word of God!" 'Twas very interesting:)

The members here are very awesome!! 
The ward mission leader is very good. 
He's trying to help us as much as he can. 
There is definitely no shortage of dinner appointments here in Peterborough. 
They feed us very well:) Mainly Yorkshire pudding with roast. 
It's super tasty though!! 

Sister Swepsen feeds us every Sunday, and it is very good
food! She makes Brussel sprouts taste very good! Haha But whoever says
English food is nasty is wrong. 
Because everything I've had so far has been pretty tasty:) 
We had a DA with the Richards. They're an older
couple. They've been here for about 40 years. But that man's stories
are super awesome to hear about! They keep a missionary journal at
their house for all the missionaries in the ward. 
It goes all the way back to 1988!!:o SUPER cool:)

So the work here is decent. It's has been a challenge finding good
solid investigators. We do spend a lot of our days finding in city
centre! We're just praying that the Lord will place some in our path.

So you remember Sergeis? 
He was a Latvian guy we met toward the start.
He's a very good Christian and super solid. Anyways, we were going to
meet up with him again but he never answered his phone!! So we
eventually had to drop him.. But yesterday, we were talking to that
crazy Muslim guy when behold....Sergeis comes up to us from behind and
is like "You have my Russian Book of Mormon???" 
So we biked back to our flat super fast and grabbed one. 
Yay!! He was like "This book is good. I want to read it." So he's back on the list!:) 
Please pray for him as he progresses with us! That would be fantastic:) 
But yeah, we got back in contact with a couple of our previous 
investigators and we're hopefully going to meet this next week!

Life as a missionary is super great!! I love it so much:) 

So one morning, we were biking to go to a lesson. 
Out of nowhere, my trainer totally flew over his 
handlebars and face planted on the ground!!
Hahaha It was quite funny (after I found out he was okay of course;))
 I guess the plastic thing around his front wheel was dragging
While he was biking, he was trying to kick it to bend it
back to normal, and then his foot goes through the spokes of his front
tire. It was an amazingly stupid idea, what he did! 
Haha But yeah, with the mission, so many funny things happen 
that are hard to explain and sometimes to remember. 
A lot of laughter goes on but it is hard to remember exactly what made it funny. 
Like we were walking around city centre and out of nowhere, 
this guy came over and was covered from head to toe with corn on the cob. 
You couldn't see any skin. That's how covered he was with this stuff. 
Like......WHY??? Hahaha
Anyways, life as a missionary is fantastic!!:) Thank you all so much
for your support!:) It seems like you're so far away! 

But the other night, it was a clear sky and you could see the
stars pretty well. It made me think, man we're under the same huge sky
of stars. This place isn't THAT far away and compared to the time of
eternity, I'm only here for a little bit. Thinking about that makes me
want to work hard, because these two years are short in the long run.
I wish you all the best. 
Love from the UK is sent your way! 

Elder Wright

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