Monday, September 14, 2015

"The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days." How true that is.

Hey hey!! 'Twas a good week! Man, time is flying. 
I don't know if I said this before or not but this is a quote from my trainer. 
"The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days." 
How true that is. 
Days can seem so long but you look back and can't believe it's been a week. Crazy stuff!! 
Weather has been weird. It was starting to get pretty cool around here, 
then out of nowhere, it was warm and clear for a few days in a row. Eventually the rain came back. 
Surprise, surprise!;) haha 
This is my church building.
Members here are doing well! I love them all! Such cool people. 
There's an American in the ward that's here for the army. 
He told us he can get us American groceries if we want. (Freak yes!!!) 
My comp and I were pretty excited about that:) The people are so generous! 
We had a dinner appointment everyday for the last week. Such great people!:) All of which has been good. 
Well...except one. 
So, here's the story. He's an older guy, into science and is pretty weird. 
Anyways, we had a DA with him this week. With his house, you have to walk 
up some stairs to get to the main part of the house. We started up the stairs and we first kinda smell something weird. 
It's a little dirty. Not too bad. As we walk up the stairs, it just gets terrible. It was such a bad smell! 
My comp and I described it as a dirty, diseased, hamster that drowned in his own urine 
and then was buried in the depths of an old fully used kitty litter box. It was unbearable! 
He was in preparing dinner and we were just trying sooo hard not to bust out laughing!! :) 
Hahaha It was sooo funny! 
We had microwaved steak with some cold chips and a side of nasty bacon. 
The bacon here is just not even close to the same as back in the states. 
The rest of that night, my comp and I were just burping up that bacon stuff. It was hilarious!:) 
We had a zone meeting in Leicester (lester) this week. We went by train.(I'm reading my tiny bible)
Zone meeting was awesome!:) Then I went on exchanges to Stamford. Man...Stamford is posh. 
A bunch of rich old people live there. 
You see a lot of Maseratis and Jaguars in the cobblestone streets. Old churches everywhere. Cool town! 
The missionary work there is VERY slow. I feel bad for them. 
But while there, I had my first fish n chips! Sooo good:) Battered cod, chips, then salt and vinegar over the top of it. 
Mm mm mmmm. Haha:) I don't think I'm getting too too fat though. Haha;P 
The work is still going! STILL trying to build our teaching pool. There are good days and there are bad days. 
Some days, it just seems like NOONE wants to listen. Other days are much better!:) 
Sometimes it's a little frustrating. Our numbers haven't been super great but it's important 
not to get caught up in the numbers. Obviously it's good to have success in that area, 
but if you really feel like you're trying your best, that is success in itself. 
As missionaries, our purpose is to 
"Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel." 
If we're doing that, were being successful. 
Funny thing. So, one of our investigators is a black guy from Portugal. 
His English isn't very good, so we sometimes have to teach him with a translator or by 
switching our iPads to Portuguese so he can read. Anyways, he came to church this last Sunday. 
In elders quorum, there's a man with down syndrome and he was called on to say the prayer. 
In the prayer, he said "Thank you, God, for this black face." (Referring to our investigator) hahaha 
This is when you are happy that your investigator doesn't understand English very well! Haha:) 
Well, that's the main stuff that went on this week!

 I'm happy to be serving the Lord! It's the greatest:) Thank you for the support. 
I love you all! Until next week.. :)

Elder Wright 

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