Monday, September 28, 2015

Wazzz Up Guys! This!.....Is Elder Wright.

Wazzz up guys! This! Elder Wright.

We had a pretty good week!
Elder Ashcraft had a "self reliance" meeting 
he had to go to on Tuesday this week in Birmingham. 
While he went there, I went on splits in Loughborough. 
We had some good times over there.:) 
We had a lesson with one of their investigators named Pete. 
He's a pretty good guy! Big ol body builder guy. 
He's going through a rough time right now. 
He's feeling kinda worthless. 
His birthday is this week so they're going to all
make him a cake! That'll be good. He's a good guy.

This is a cathedral and cemetery. 
The work in our area is going alright! 
We FINALLY met with our solid investigator. 
He kind of hid from us for like a month. Haha! 
He was a solid one from the past elders that were here. 
He dropped off the face of the earth, 
until we met with him on Friday. 
We had a good lesson with him! 
We also saw him on Sunday at sacrament meeting!:) 
We are hopefully going to get him to a baptism this 
weekend and show him what it's all about. 
Hopefully, it will clear up any "unknowns" of anything
he may have. So that's good!:) 
Hopefully he can start progressing back onto the path. 
We've been doing a lot of member work again this week!
We stopped by referrals that were given to us by members. 
It was we told Sandra Swepson that 
we stopped by all of the referrals she gave us 
and she was just so happy! Haha! It was sweet.
The members paid us a nice compliment. 
They said that the past few missionary teams 
have kind of been "rubbish" because they would never
really talk with the members or anything. They said that we're
doing great and a lot of the members are 
quite impressed with how we are happy and try to 
talk with all the members! 
That was super nice of them:) 
We also tried to stop by a less active guy named Charles. 
We caught him just in time as he and his brother 
were going into his house. They're a couple of old guys. 
Super cool! His brother is named Danny (good name;D ) 
and he's from London. Danny is a non member 
and Charles is less active. We happened to get into their home! 
Nice fellas! 
Danny was very impressed with missionaries and what we do. 
It turns out that the only reason that Charles is less active 
is because he moved and lost contact with the church!! 
He's just been waiting for like 30 years for someone to say something! 
Haha! We invited him to General Conference and they both 
genuinely said that they would love to come! 
We're hoping that will be a good opportunity to both
introduce the church to Danny and also to reactivate Charles. 
So yeah!:) Good stuff!
The weather here has been pretty dang good the past few days! 
We went and picked apples at Sandra's house again 
and it was just blue skies all day long! So great:) 
As I mentioned before, the Swepsons usually 
have us for dinner every Sunday. 
Well, they invited us to do what they call a "party piece". 
You basically just do something that you're good at.
Show off a talent. Anyways, we decided to do a weird little circus
thing. I played some creepy clown/circus music on the piano while
Elder Ashcraft juggled! They got a kick out of it:) 
They said it was the best party piece they have ever seen! Haha:P 
Then I played the Maple Leaf Rag for them:) It was so nice to play the piano! 
Anyways, it was a good week:) England is the best. 
I'm still trying to get used to British humour. Haha! 
WAY sarcastic, in kind of a rude way sometimes. 
But it's pretty funny!:) Well, that's about it for this week! 
Oh! We found out that Elder Ballard 
will be coming to visit our mission in November!! 
That'll be so cool! 
Have a fantastic week!:)

Elder Wright

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