Monday, October 26, 2015

A random thing about England...there are a TON of spiders here!

Wazzzz up guys! This is Elder Wright. 
And things are going pretty decent over here:) 
Tis autumn time and sure as heck feels like it! It's starting to get cold! 
Especially while biking! It makes it feel like 20 degrees cooler.  
I'm beginning to be more and more thankful for heaters in the flat!! :)
Speaking of Flat....this is a picture of the inside.

And this is a picture of my view out the window.

We were finally able to meet with Decio and have a good lesson with him!! 
Yes! Haha! He's way cool. He just got sick which stinks but he's doing good. 
We taught him how to strengthen his faith through 
church, prayer, and reading. (CPR baby)! 
That was when I was on exchange with Elder Andrus from Utah. 
It was a good exchange. We talked to a lot of Chinese people 
that day because Elder Andrus has kind of an alarming 
obsession with the Chinese. Haha! But it was way cool! 
We also talked with a Jamaican who became a potential. 
Anyways, all of our other investigators are still the same...
  busy-ness and lack of desire:/ Pfft. 
If they only knew what they were missing! 
We did some good tracting action during the week.
Us making cookies on P-day!

Just to fill up some space on the email, 
I will tell you about some random things I have learned about Britain!! 
Woooo hoooo. Let's do this. 
Let's talk about the air. The air is very much humid and heavy. 
When the wind blows, it is a chill-to-the-bone wind. Very cold! 
There are also certain smells in the air that are 
unique to England....or at least Peterborough. 
These are the different smells in the air that I have smelled: 
Coal (when the fireplaces are cookin), streets smell like rubbish sometimes, 
countryside smells like cow manure and sheep, 
and the infamous smell of curry! (I love the smell of curry. Yes!) 
A little bit about the culture and how they eat... 
Very proper manners while eating. if you're not eating with manners, 
they're not afraid to point it out! 
They eat with a fork and knife for pretty much everything! 
Pizza, salad, chips, everything! Haha! 
We went to eat at a pizza place the other day and 
I just grabbed the slice and started stuffing. 
I then looked around and these people were all looking at me funny. 
Haha! Whoops! 
Meals are named a little different here. 
Lunch is called dinner (depending on who you talk to), 
dinner is called tea (depending on who you talk to also), 
and dessert is called pudding. 
Another random thing about England is there are a 
TON of spiders here. It is ridiculous! They are everywhere! 
No joke. There are all different varieties of them. 
Big ones, and tiny ones (like smaller than ants). It's crazy!
No wonder Ron from Harry Potter was so afraid of spiders!! Haha!
Anyways, that's about it for now. Life as a missionary is truly great!:) 
Sooo cool. Hard...don't get me wrong. But very cool. :) 
Well, have a great week! Enjoy life. 
Thank you so much for all the support. 
Cheers! :)

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