Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference was the bomb!! Can I get an amen??

Hey guys! 
So, this week was alright! 
I am officially done with my first transfer of my mission! 
Pretty crazy eh? It flew by! At some times, 
too fast and at other times, too slow. 
But for the most part, it was great:) 
I've learned more in the past 2 months 
than basically ever before. 
 I'm still being trained in Pete'. 
There are a couple changes though. 
Sister Banchini was replaced with 
Sister Thompson, and her trainee, Sister Romo 
(trio of Tenney, Romo, Thompson) 
Sister Banchini left to Nottingham! 
And then we got another set of elders here in Peterborough! 
Elders Jones (Mesa, Arizona) and Du Plessis (South Africa). 
They're way cool! It'll be fun to work with them as well. 
As a result of them coming in, 
Elder Ashcraft and I lost a lot of referrals 
because they were in their area. But yeah! Good stuff:)
We had some training on member visits this week. 
We were encouraged to visit as many members homes 
in the week as possible, but to keep the 
visits no longer than ten minutes.
 We were just to share a spiritual thought. 
So, we've been stopping by members homes! 
We are trying to get referrals from them. 
We did some street contacting this week,
 and did a lot of less active work. 
Charles and Danny (Old guy brothers from last week) 
didn't end up making it to conference though:/ 
That was a huge bummer! 
Not a super eventful week but it was alright. 
We have an investigator named Decio. 
He has finished his night shift work routine so he can 
start seeing us a lot more! He seems way solid! I'm excited:)  
My week started off not so good...but ended up being great! 
I'll tell you why. 
On Wednesday, we biked down to a town called Orton. 
We were going to contact some referrals we had received. 
One of which was a man named Jonathan. 
He was a referral given to us by a man we had met. 
We didn't know beforehand really, but we showed up to their 
house and found out very quickly that they were 
Born Again Christians. Not only was he a Born Again Christian 
but he was a preacher/missionary. 
For those that don't know, Born Agains believe that it is solely 
by the grace of God that we are saved. 
Basically just believe and you're saved...not through your works. 
Anyways, that visit quickly turned into a bash on the Mormon church! 
He was finding all sorts of scriptures and references 
trying to disprove the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 
We left his house with just a bad feeling. 
And honestly, I thought a lot about it during the week. 
It was definitely a trial of my faith. 
Afterwards, I was talking with Elder Ashcraft about it. 
He gave me some reassuring words of encouragement that helped a ton. 
He told me about his first few times people just bashed him down. 
Satan seriously has a strong grip on some people. 
But the thing that helped me the most through all of it was 
thinking about times in my life where I knew I had felt the Spirit. 
The good feelings that come from listening to prophets and apostles, 
while reading the Book of Mormon, and the peace at the 
temple are all undeniable feelings that tell me this is true. 
It has been the biggest help! 
Conference was the bomb!! Can I get an amen?? 
Here are some of the themes/impressions I got from conference: 
Hold fast to the simple truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, 
have close relationship with the Spirit, 
be bold and courageous in defending accusations toward the church, 
stand up and testify, don't jump on the band wagon of 
worldly opinions and views, maintain great faith through trials. 
Some of my favorite talks:
 (Uchtdorf Sat a.m., Cook, Holland, Stanfill, Bennett, Uchtdorf priesthood)
It seems like a few were talking about how the worlds views on things are changing. 
These are some thoughts I had on the subject: 
Don't jump on the band wagon of worldly opinions and views. 
Their ways may bring a pin prick of happiness and pleasure 
in comparison to eternity, but living the gospel of Jesus Christ brings 
the purest happiness anyone can feel, which eventually leads 
to a never ending state of that happiness in the presence of our 
families and Father in Heaven. 
We met kind of a sketchy guy on the street. 
We asked him what made him happy in his life and he said "Money".
 He said, "Money buys me pleasure. 
When I run out of pleasure, I buy more pleasure" 
(referring to some not so good things) 
It's so sad! 
Some people have no idea what they're missing out on! 
But hey, that is why the church sends missionaries! :) 
Our job is to find those people and share what we know to be true, 
in hopes of them being able to feel that same happiness. 
Haha sorry! Conference just pumped me up. 
It was a much needed spiritual rejuvenation. 
Sad to say...this was probably the first time that I have ever payed full 
attention to conference. Haha! And was great! 
That's my story about the week! :) 
It was all a learning experience, that's for sure. 
Here's a funny thing that happened this week. 
We stopped this Polish mom that was walking on the street with her kids. 
We got talking to her about her beliefs and stuff. 
She was pretty happy to be talking with us! 
We then asked her if she has ever heard of Mormons before. 
Her eyes widened and asked "'re Mormons??" 
Without even waiting for a reply, she started shaking her 
head "no" and walked away fast with her kids. It was just such a 
huge change in her when she found out we were Mormon! 
Sometimes....rejection can be funny. Haha :)
Anyways, it's about that time. That was my week! 
Hopefully you enjoyed the stories and whatnot! 
Maybe you even learned something new. 
Haha Who knows! 
Thank you all for the support:) 
Stand strong in the gospel folks! It is the best. :) Cheers! 

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