Monday, October 12, 2015

It's like, "Dudes! Your salvation is on the line!"

Hey guys! 
So, this week wasn't very eventful, but it was alright. :) 
I officially hit my 2 month mark on Tuesday! 
The weather this week has been weird, man. 
Monday was very rainy. We biked a lot too and got soaked! 
Tuesday we biked about 20 miles. The less awesome part 
about it was it was barely raining all day yet the air temperature 
was still pretty warm. So, you wear a coat to stay dry 
from the rain, but you get super sweaty because 
of the coat combined with the humidity. Fun stuff!
 Then the weather kind of tamed down a bit. 
It started being sunny for a couple days. 
It's been quite warm for October apparently so that's kinda cool! 
 Just in the past couple days the temperature 
has been starting to drop. Time to whip out the winter gear! 

Tuesday we biked to a town called Whittlesey. 
The bike route goes through some pretty countryside! 
We saw a double rainbow while biking there. 

I felt like I was in the movie The Best Two Years when 
riding on the bike path! Haha! Wednesday we had zone meeting
 in Leicester. It was way cool! We had some training on using 
family history while finding people. There was a statistic 
that said that if a recent convert makes it to the temple 
1-3 years after baptism, they're 80% more likely not to 
fall away from the church. That's a huge percentage! 
We applied that into our finding this week a little bit. 
They gave us family history cards to hand out.
 We had a Philipeno dinner one night. She made SOOO 
much food, it was funny. She first brought out this 
big ol' dish filled with Pahdt Thai. Then, she brought 
out a big slab of beef. Then, a giant plate of sausage. 
Haha! It was awesome! She also made a dessert for us. 
Afterwards, she packed up the rest of the food
 (which was still like 3 days of food), 
and gave it to us. Hahaha! It was great! :) 
There definitely is no shortage of food here in 
Peterborough that is for sure!

The work here is still kinda slow. For the training on finding, 
they told us to use a lot of different types of 
finding...not just GQing ("Golden Question"-Basically street contacting) 
So we've been going by less actives in the ward, going 
through former investigators, tracting. It's fun to mix it up! 
It's just slow to see results really. Our investigators 
right now are very "busy". It can definitely be aggravating sometimes. 
It's like, "Dudes! Your salvation is on the line!"
 We have a new investigator named David! He's from Czech Republic. 
He has never been religious and just recently went through a rough time. 
He seems pretty solid! He'll be tough because 
he literally has no idea about anything related to God. 
But I'm way excited for him! :) Decio (our Portuguese investigater) 
will be returning from holiday this weekend so I'm hoping 
we'll be able to start working with him! That's how it's going though! :) 

Remember Pat the Chat? 
The guy that won't ever stop talking? 
 Usually we have a dinner appointment with him every Tuesday. 
He takes us to this Chinese buffet. Anyways, 
his thought processes are wacked. He used to be a pro boxer 
and I think he took a few too many blows to the head! 
He's single now, and is probably about 40yrs old. 
He told us about this time he fell in love with a sister from the ward. 
She eventually was going to move back to Ireland 
and invited him to the airport to wave her off. 
So, he started to Coventry, and all the sudden his car broke down. 
He decided he needed to see her very bad and starting 
running the 60 miles to Coventry. Hahaha 
What the heck was going through his mind??? 
" broken. Train? No. Bus? No. Running? Yes!!" 
Yeah...that's just a taste of Pat. 

That's about it for my week! :) Things are great with the new missionaries! 
They're all way cool:) We have the biggest district in the mission so that's cool! 

Anyways, I hope all is well. Say hi to America for me. I miss her. Stay sweet! 

Elder Wright

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