Monday, October 19, 2015

The guy that plays R2D2 in Star Wars lives in Yaxley, which is in our area!!

This week was just alright! 

Temperature in the air has dropped significantly. 
It's starting to get pretty chilly! 
Apparently, it's supposed to get a ton colder so I'm
going to enjoy the last bit of warmth while it lasts! 
The leaves are changing and it's super pretty. 
So, I apologize now for the shorter letter.
Nothing too interesting happened this week!
The work is about the same. We did a bit more tracting this week!
We found that we have a lot more success when we pray 
for specific streets and really try to follow promptings from the Spirit. 
T'was way cool! While tracting, this freakin huge guy answered 
the door. A physical specimen really. Haha! Turns out he used 
to play professional rugby for Northampton Premiere! 
And.... he's a potential investigator now!
We've been trying to meet with him but he's been 
busy with family (which is good in a way!) 
Random fact(?), I heard that the guy that plays R2D2 in 
Star Wars lives in Yaxley, which is in our area!!

Whether that's true or not, I have no idea.
 But maybe we'll have the opportunity to teach R2D2!!;) 
haha! Anyways, 
we met with some less actives in the week. 
Our investigators are very busy. We did find a
couple of new ones though. We dropped Sergeis 
again cause we could never get ahold of him. 
But every time we see him, it's randomly in
the street! We saw him yesterday on accident. 
He's actually been reading parts of the Book of Mormon 
which is way cool! He said he's been enjoying it:) 
Just goes to show that not everything is how it
looks on the surface. Also, we had a lesson with our 
Czech investigator Peter. Language barriers man.... Haha!
 We retaught him the restoration because he didn't understand. 
He thought the BoM was our version of the Bible. 
We taught him using the pamphlets in his language and he
understood better so that's good! Other than that though, nothing
noteworthy really happened. It was just kind of an average week.
We have another American that moved into the ward! 
He was catching us up on election stuff, sports, misc. stuff. Good stuff:) 
One night as we were heading home, our homeless friend Tony 
asked us to guard his stuff so he could go use the toilet.
 So we just stood there making sure his stuff was ok! 
I guess he trusts us so that's good!:)
But sadly, that's about the extent of my week. 
Nothing super funny happened. 
Sorry! Anyways, I hope all is well:) 
I will talk to ya next week! 

Elder Wright

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