Monday, November 30, 2015

"Ahhhhh yeah! Cadbury here we come!"

Things are going alright here in Nottingham! :) 
We are trying to get something rolling! But yeah, it's good. :) 
Let me tell ya. The weather is soooo weird here!
 It was crazy cold a couple days earlier in the week, then it warmed up a ton. 
It's just now starting to drop down again. Haha Craziness! 
I experienced some misting and some down poor rain. It's very windy. 
It's not AS depressing as I just made it sound though. ;D haha
There were some cool stuff and some less cool stuff this week. 
We'll start with the good! 
One day we decided to do some member stop bys in a certain 
area and then tract in the area. 
We wanted to hopefully get to know the members better!
 We stopped by this family and had some good conversation with them! 
At the end, they told us of a recent convert that was feeling kinda down. 
There had been some bad rumours spread about her. :( 
So, we decided to go straight to her house and talk with her right away! 
At first, she seemed pretty down and depressed. 
We managed to get to know her more and we talked about things. 
Anyways, we ended up reminding her of her baptism and how she felt. 
We taught her about strength in trials through Jesus Christ. 
By the end, she seemed a little brighter and uplifted! It was way cool:) 
And she ended up coming to church which was way cool! :) 
That was a good day. After we got home, we planned 
and then I just crashed on my bed. Still in my clothes. Haha
Another good thing! 
The sisters had a baptism this weekend! Jackie is her name. :) 
She was taught by the Elders but after the transfer, she was given to the sisters. 
That was a way cool experience! baptisms usually are. :) 
It's always cool to see people enter the waters of baptism!
Now for the less cool stuff!
We got bashed on the phone! Yeah. Interesting right? 
Let me tell ya bout it. 
We found a potential last week. We tried calling him up and set up a time to meet. 
He rang us one day when we were in town centre. 
He said, "share with me your message." 
(This is all on the phone) We start teaching him the Restoration. 
We talked about prophets and immediately he says,
 "I thought your message was centred on Christ." 
Then just from there, he was going to town using all sorts of 
references from the Bible. We tried to salvage it a little, 
but it didn't work. We testified and that's really all we could do. 
Haha Interesting though! 
There have been days where you just walk a bunch and tract 
a bunch and nothing comes from it. :/ 
But, the bad days make you appreciate the good ones much more that's for sure!
 We were walking home one night when an old guy, all alone, 
stopped us and asked us a question. 
His words were slurred. The combination of being old, slurred, 
and British made it very hard to understand him. 
 We were trying to decide if he was mentally challenged or just wasted. 
Anyways, after a bit, he started stumbling away and then collapsed to his knees, 
then to all fours, then just rolled over on the ground! 
We were like "What do we do??" 
We thought, for a minute there, we were witnessing this man
 move on to the spirit world! We called 999 
("Quick! What's the number for 911?") 
Luckily, a British Red Cross lady happened to be driving past 
and stopped and took care of him while we called the ambulance! 
We hope he was alright! 
We found out the next morning that he was probably just wasted. 
We walked past where it happened and there was a blanket 
and an empty bottle of Scotch. 
We went to Wayne Manor on PDay this week.

For those of you who aren't Batman fans, 
this is where the Batman movies were filmed.

We discovered a good chocolate bar! So, it's Oreo filling and 
cookie crumbles wrapped in Cadbury milk chocolate. 
YES! Soooo good. 

One night, we were walking 
home all wet and cold and saw a cornershop. 
We just looked at each other and we were like, 
"Ahhhhh yeah! Cadbury here we come!" Hahaha 
There's a cool family in the ward. The Beveridges. :) 
They're way cool! Anna is from Venezuela.
 Mike is from Dalkeith, Scotland. I know you're not supposed to pick 
favourites....but they're pretty up there. 
There's also a member named Oz. He's been a convert for about 7 years. 
Old guy. Way cool!
 He helps the missionaries out a ton. Turns out he used to be a con man 
in a major gang in Nottingham called the Gunnies. Hahaha 
He's got quite the past! He's also has some funny stories, man:) 
Things here are going alright! Were managing to stay kind of afloat. 
 It's been an experience that's for sure! I wouldn't change it for the world:) 
I love the mission! Anyways, hope all is well and dry in da States! 
God bless 'Merica. God save the queen.
 Cheers mates! 

Elder Wright

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