Monday, November 2, 2015

I guess I did learn something on all those scout camp outs I went on!

Hey hey! 
Happy Halloween! Hope it was a good one:) 
Trick or treating isn't as huge here in England. 
It's getting more and more popular but not 
even close to how it is in the states. 
One thing that threw me off though, was when the trick or treaters 
said the phrase "Trick or treat". I feel that I am well used to the accent here, 
but that threw me off so much! I think it's because it's a phrase 
I've heard said the same way all growing up! 
Kids always say it the same way and that's the only way 
I've always heard that phrase. But, when you throw an English accent into it, 
man.... Haha Anyways, we had to be in our flat by 6 on Halloween. 
Our flat is the top right windows.

We did more studies, and watched Prophet of the Restoration. 
 That was the extent of my Halloween! 
It's been a pretty good week over here! Very wet in the past week. 
Very foggy too! Kinda cool. :)  
Weather is weird as far as temperature goes. 
It gets warm one day. Really cold another day. 
 England, just make up your mind!  :)

We went on exchanges on Wednesday. 
T'was with Elder Du Plessis from South Africa. 
He's pretty funny! We biked over to Whittlesey and basically 
tracted and went by less actives all day. 
One of which was....interesting. About 30 years ago, 
he was convinced by some people that the Mormon church
 was a man made church. It was really sad to talk with him! 
It was kind of getting a little tense and we finally decided to head out. 
So, we said bye, he got in his car and left. Then a couple minutes later, 
he drove back and came walking to us. 
He said, "Let me pray for you guys." In the prayer, 
he basically told us to stop the things we were doing 
and try to find the real Jesus. Haha!
 That day was full of less actives that had changed religions. 
It's sad to see people taste a part of the truth and then fall away. :/
We met with our investigators finally! 
Decio is going through a rough time. 
He's having a hard time forgiving his father back in Portugal. 
Also, his girlfriend, that's in Portugal, is pretty sick right now. 
We taught him about how we receive strength in and through 
Jesus Christ in the midst of our trials. 
He came to church and had a good time! 
He later texted us, "Thanks Elders for all you do!" 
That was pretty cool! :) 
We met with a few others, but they're all kind of in the same busy boat right now.
We had the chance to do some service a couple of times in the week. 
We moved some cupboards for a lady that was moving out, and also a piano. 
Then we helped move a huge stack of twigs and branches 
in a members backyard. We also lit it on fire afterwards. 
Haha was so good! :) The smell of a bonfire! 
I was proud though because after we started the fire, it died. 
Peter (the member) gave up and was going to get some petrol. 
 I started to work with it a bit and eventually got a huge fire started,
....without petrol! Haha! 
That was a proud moment for me. 
I guess I did learn something on all those scout camp outs I went on!
 They have a holiday kind of thing here called Bonfire Night. 
They celebrate this guy that tried to blow up parliament, 
by blowing things up and setting things on fire.
 So, there's a night coming up where there'll be a ton of bonfires 
and fireworks being lit. Kinda random trivia for ya! :)
On P-day, we went to see the Burghley House by Train.

These are the train tracks in Stamford.

We saw this cool house and church on our way.
This is the Burghley House on a foggy day.

And these are the gates to the Burghley House.

Life in Peterborough is swell. :) Making good memories!
 There are good times as well as bad ones. 
But the good times far outweigh the bad:) 
Hope you have a fine week! 

Elder Wright

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