Monday, November 23, 2015

Life Across The Pond Is Full Of Adventures!!

Hey hey! 
So wow!! 
There have been some switch ups in the past week! 
It all started on Monday night as we were GQing in city centre. 
We were wandering around, talking to people. Then we got the phone call. 
*Ring, ring* It's the APs. 
They were announcing an Emergency Transfer happening. 
So, I am no longer in Peterborough!! 
I was told that night to pack up my things because 
the next day I was leaving to Nottingham!! 
Crazy beans!! 
 I have been in Nottingham since Tuesday. 
And, the even crazier thing is I'm white washing the
 area with a missionary from the same group as me!! 
Elder J. Porter Smith. So yeah! This is an adventure. 
Hahaha! Two "just barely greenies" white washing in Nottingham. Man.....
The kind of stinky thing too was I had to leave so fast, 
I didn't really get to say goodbye to any of the members! :/ 
Elder Smith is way cool! We get along really well! 
It's funny because we slept on the same bunk bed in the MTC. 
Haha! His first area was Kidderminster. 
Little did we know in just 3 months we'd be thrown into the deep end together. 
Haha! But it has been great so far! 
We're always thinking of how it's gonna be awesome in 
some future day to look back on this and say, 
"Remember when we white washed Nottingham together as greenies?!" Haha!
Holy cow. Hills! Hills everywhere! 
I didn't quite realize how FLAT Peterborough was until I left it and came here! 
This is a little river in Nottingham.

Nottingham areas are split into four and we cover the north of Nottingham. 
Our main town is Bulwell. The flat is alright! It's a bit bigger than my last one.
 We've been walking everywhere because some missionaries accidentally 
broke my bike in the transfer process. :/ 
So, I'm gonna have to buy a bike! 
Luckily I didn't really lose anything with it because it was free. But yeah!
This week has been very interesting! 
The area book is one of the most important tools when white washing an area, 
so if it's not really up to date, then the next missionaries are screwed. 
And guess what!....the past missionaries weren't super great 
at keeping the area book up to date. Haha! It has been interesting! 
We've seen some of the old investigators and some 
less-actives that they were working with. 
Cool story! 
One of the first days, we stopped by a less-active by the name of Andrew. 
We showed him the Because He Lives video and talked about it with him. 
We saw him in town a couple of days after that and he was like,
 "After you guys left the other night, before I was about to go to sleep, 
I started to read my scriptures again!" 
It felt good to see that we were making a difference in his life! 
The work here in Nottingham is alright. 
We found several potentials, so hopefully we can go somewhere with them! 
This is a huge learning experience being put with Elder Smith since we're both new.
 I feel like we're learning more, faster. It's good:) Way exciting! 
 Of course there's always disappointment.
(especially when you have like 4 lessons planned 
in a day and NONE of them turn out!) 

Sadness 101....... 

But it's alright. :) We have some good times, some good laughs:) 
We were walking to a lesson the other day and 
Elder Smith and I just quoted remember the Titans a bunch. 
It was great!! Haha Good times:)
The ward is pretty cool! Our ward mission leader is FREAKING GREAT! 
He got back from his mission to Brazil about 3 months ago, 
so he's still got that mission fire attitude going on. It's way exciting! :) 
He was totally laughing that first coordination meeting. 
He was like, "How long have you two been out??" 
 "Oh about 3 months for both of us!" He just started cracking up!! 
Apparently, the ward has a big influence of Portuguese and Spanish people. 
It's pretty cool! The ward has been very good at welcoming us. 
At church, we'd shake everyone's hands and they'd just be like,
 "Four new missionaries?? Wow!" 
Haha! Yup....we're thinking the same thing. 
May God be with us. 
 Before I left Peterborough, we were talking about this whole 
transfer thing and how I'd be white washing with someone in my MTC group. 
These were the wise words of my zone leaders. 
"Rely HEAVILY on the Atonement." Hahaha! It was hilarious. 
It has been a very long week, but pretty decent for the most part. :) 
 Many memories! Many laughs. It's good:) 
More excited than nervous now which is good:)  
We had some freaking good fish and chips for lunch today. Mmmm. 
But, I had to get medium cod because they were out of large cod! 
What the heck! That's like Arby's being out of roast beef!! ;D haha!
 Cadbury is beloved. Mmm. On a cold day this week, 
we stopped into a cornershop for some warmth and bought some Cadbury. 
Soooo delicious:D So milky. So milky. 
Anyways, quite a big week this week! Hope you enjoyed the news feed. 
 Hope everything is well back home! 
Have a happy Thanksgiving! Eat a ton of food for me. 
Cheesy rolls. (A tear just came from my eyeball).

Cheers! :)

Elder Wright

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