Monday, November 16, 2015

They don't have Thanksgiving here in England

So, some of you may be wondering where I am right now!! 
Well, let me tell you....starts with a P........and ends with an eterborough. 
Yup! That's it! I stayed in Peterborough:) And my companion is still Elder Ashcraft! 
This is his last transfer in the mission so I'll be "killing him off". 
(Little did he know his own son would kill him!) 
So yeah! That means I'll probably stay another two transfers here.
 Hopefully, I'll be here for Christmas! But yeah..that's the news. 
We lost Sister Tenney (went to Warwick) and also Elder Jones (went to Leicester). 
Now, Elder Du Plessis is with Elder Mbingwana from Zimbabwe. Good stuff:) 
Two comps from Africa and two comps from the States.  

I'm officially not a greenie anymore which is cool. Haha!
 Elder Ashcraft is trying really hard to not be trunky...but of course 
it is inevitable sometimes when you're that close to going home. 
He talks a lot about women and marriage. Haha! 
I'll be his longest companion on his mission. 3 transfers with him! 

Highlight of the week was most definitely on Saturday. 
Elder M Russell Ballard came to our mission for a conference and it was fantastic! 
We traveled to Leicester on Friday night and stayed at Elder Jones' flat 
(which, the inside of, reminds me of a hobbit house). 
On Saturday morning we traveled to Solihull for the conference. 
There were also a couple of other General Authorities. 
Elder Kearan (don't know how to spell it. Area president) and 
Elder Christensen (Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy). 
But it was so cool!! We got to shake all their hands and listen to them speak. 
One of the strongest spiritual experiences I've ever had! :) 

The Spirit was way strong! You can tell those men are called of God!
                                    So cool! They talked a lot about hastening the work. 
They talked about how the devil uses sleep as a tactic for disrupting missionary work. 
Not just physical rest but also being asleep spiritually. 
He talked about being awake spiritually and mentally more than ever before. 
They also talked about how we are in a hurry. We've got more work to do in this dispensation (preparing for the second coming) and less time to do it.
 Just some good quotes from that: 
"You have got to be the best gospel teachers in the history of the church." 
"Wake up! (He shouted that one. Got everyone's attention! Haha) 
Why? Because we're in a hurry." 
"When you have a rough day, go to Gethsemane. 
Go to Gethsemane in your mind. As you picture 
Christ there and understand what he did there,
 your problems will naturally begin to diminish. 
Faith and hope begin to grow stronger." 
The conference was way good! It was more personable because 
he was talking directly to us missionaries. Gooood stuff man:)

We went and visited Longthorpe Tower today!

 Twas pretty cool! 
Kinda plain. Pretty old though! T'was erected in the 14th century. 
The bike ride over there was beautiful! 

We saw a freaking posh hospice place. Way cool! 
All the Christmas lights and decorations are up! 

They don't have Thanksgiving here in England so there's no set marker like 
"I can put up lights after such and such day". 
It's just kinda randomly in the beginning of November, which seems a little early. 
But we witnessed the lighting of the Christmas tree in Cathedral Square! 
Way cool! Being from a smaller town, I don't see that as much so it was fun:) 

Funny story! 
We were biking through town the other day and Sandra Swepson 
was driving through town just as we were passing through. 
They saw us and tried to get our attention by honking. 
We heard their honking and looked over and started waving. 
Then, as she was focused on waving at us, she accidentally drove over the curb! 
They were totally alright, no damage, it was just hilarious. 
They were all embarrassed. Haha :)

Another random story. 
We were GQing this guy in town and while talking to him, 
we just heard this loud explosion sounding thing! 
We were like "What the heck!" 
And after it went off, everyone in town was just dead silent....not moving at all. 
You could hear a pin drop. 
We then figured out it was some Remembrance Sunday memorial thing 
that was going on. Haha! So, that was pretty exciting! 
Especially in light of the Paris attack.
 Things are going good here! I'm happy to be here. It hits me
every once in a while that I'm actually on my mission and it's not
just some dream. England is a beautiful country! 
 But yeah, things are good! 
Yup, yup...That's how things are going over here! 
 Cheerio me duck (Nottingham thing) Haha! 
I hope all is well in the states! 
Love ya tons. Thanks for all the support. 

Elder Wright

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