Monday, November 9, 2015

"..when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind."

Wazzz up!! 
The picture above are the Swepsons. They feed us all the time.
It's already snowing over there??
 Man...that means we've basically already gotten as much snow as we did last year. 
Hopefully that doesn't mean it's going to start snowing a 
bunch this winter...just when I leave. 
(Sorry dad! Invest in a good snow blower;) ) That's way cool though. 
Weather over here is still wacked. 
It's been pretty rainy and wet the past week, 
but there were a couple of days that were pretty warm!
 Today is pretty chilly though. Cool breeze up in here! :) 
Man, biking through the wind and rain heavily against you is something else! 
Makes me think of that scripture 
"..when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind." 
Now, just picture me biking through that! (exaggerating of course;) ) 
So, the other day, I officially hit my 3 month mark! Crazy stuff! :) 
It has gone by WAY fast...for reals. It's crazy. 
In a couple of days, I am no longer considered a "greenie". 
We'll find out tonight if I'll be leaving Peterborough or staying. 
Which is kind of sad to be honest! 
I've made Peterborough my home for the past few months!
 But hey...I could be staying for a couple more transfers...who knows! :)
We got to do exchanges in Stamford this week

Stamford is a pretty posh place. Lots of rolling hills.
We had interviews with Pres. Leppard this week! That was way cool:) 
He's one of the coolest people on the earth. Truly great! 
He's a black belt in Chinese kick boxing or something like that. 
It's just funny to imagine him in his ninja robes. 
He knows a TON about the gospel. 
He does this thing at the end of every time we see him 
where you can ask him any question about the gospel. 
Whether it be stories from the scriptures, study tips or deep doctrine questions. 
He just lays it down. 
He's a magician, man. He knows so much! It's way cool:) 
He gave some good counsel to us though.
One of the concerns I brought up to President was that our investigators
 just don't meet up and when they do, they have a hard time keeping commitments. 
He was telling me that if they're not keeping commitments 
(mainly church, prayer, and reading), 
it's better to drop them for the time being. It says many times in 
Doctrine and Covenants "the field is white, already to harvest." 
There are people out there that are ready right NOW to receive the gospel. 
And of course, sowing seeds is also important in the work, 
but it's good to realize that the Lord has said that there are people
 ready now to receive it. So, we did end up dropping a certain
 amount of our investigators for the time being. 
We have also been counselled to use family history a lot more in finding. 
So yeah! That's how the work is going right now. 
And speaking of good counsel, on Saturday of this weekend, Elder M Russell Ballard 
will be coming to our mission for a mission conference!! 
Heck yeah!! I'm excited for that. :)
We had "bonfire night" this last week. That was pretty cool! 

But it wasn't that lively on the night of, because it was raining. 
Haha! So, we pretty much heard leftover fireworks for 
like 3 days after the official bonfire night. 
But yeah! We went to a bonfire ward activity and 
they made this huge bonfire in someone's garden.
 The weird/funny thing was they put a stuffed body on top of the fire while burning. 
Who knows. 
It's England! 
Haha! But, you gotta love them:) 
That's about it for the week though! :) 
I hope all is well over there! 

Elder Wright

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