Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Christmas From Across The Pond

Hey there! So, you are probably wondering where I am right now. 
I will tell you that I am no longer in Nottingham... Sad days. 
A goodbye photo with Oz.

I was only there for 4 weeks! But hey...oh well. 
So! Let me break the news to ya. 
Get ready for this....hahaha. I'm in a small-ish town outside of
Birmingham called Chelmsley Wood! 

And, guess what....I'M WHITEWASHING AGAIN! 
I'm starting to wonder what I did in the pre-existence
 to deserve this. Hahaha! ;) Nah, it's not that bad, white washing. 
It's kinda fun actually! This is my third time whitewashing. 
Elder Smith (my last companion) got called to be a trainer 
so I was moved out of there. 
I'm whitewashing with someone from my group again! 
 Elder Hill is his name. Interesting lad. But yeah. 
Let's just say this may be a looong transfer. And, it's a 7 week transfer. 
Goodbye picture with Elder Smith and the Sisters at
 Ward Correlation Meeting.

Chelmsley Wood doesn't have the best reputation apparently...but, I've
found that its not as bad as people were saying! :) 
Some of the nicknames of Chelmsley Wood include: 
Chelmsley Hood, 
Chav-sley Hood
(if you don't know what a chav is, look it up. Haha), 
Chelmsley Weed.
 Oh, and do you remember that story of the bishop here in
England that got mugged and ran over?.....that's the 
Bishop of our ward here!! Pretty crazy stuff. :)

The huge bonus of Chelmsley Wood is that the ward is FANTASTIC!
 So far, they have all been really cool people:) 
The ward consists of 3 major families. The ward is pretty small though. 
There's probably about 50 or more that were at church. But yeah! 
Bishop is kind of sensitive about the whole situation 
that happened with him and doesn't like to bring it up.
 But, he is so cool! He's a convert of about 6 years. 
We went to his house for lunch on Sunday. 
First thing, we go into his house and he puts Lord of the Rings
 music on quietly in the background. 
It was so cool! The ward mission leader is great. 
We met him the second day we got here and he took us out to 
put flyers in doors for a Christmas carol concert on Sunday. 
He's way focused on the work and it's really cool! 
It's always nice when you have a good ward mission leader. :)
We're hoping to turn this area around. The past missionaries
 slacked (Bishop was like, "I won't say much, but I will say this.
I'm glad that they're gone.") So, we're hoping to get the work
here going along! It's rough too, because the past Elders 
didn't do a great job keeping the area book up to date either.
 I feel like we may be doing a lot of member work and less active work. 
That was one of Bishop's vision; bringing back a lot of the less actives.
There's a family here, the Gates, that are just awesome!! 
They're all very musically inclined and they did a cool instrumental
 piece at the ward Christmas carol concert. 
The dad was on the guitar, mom on the penny whistle, 
daughter on violin, daughter on the accordion, and
future son in law on the bass. 
They played a cool folk Christmas song.
It was so cool!!  And, they all play a thousand different instruments.
I'm excited because we'll be at their place Christmas evening. Yes! :)
This is a video of looking out my window.


That's about it!
Thanks for all the support back home. Truly! I love ya guys! :) 
Hope your week rocks! Happy Christmas from across the pond.

Elder Wright

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