Monday, December 14, 2015

Merry almost Christmas!

                                            Hey guys! Merry almost Christmas! :) 
This is just the best time of

year...I mean cmon! I love it!
(Gotta feel bad for the J Dubs!) 
Us looking fly in our British suits.
This week was a good week. On fast Sunday last week, 
we fasted that we might be able to find more opportunities 
to teach people and have lessons.
We definitely have seen improvement in that aspect! :)

We were able to meet with a guy named Scott. 
This guy is elect. 
He has been taught the lessons a ton in the past 
and knows a lot about the church. 
His wife is a member (less active though).
 He was interviewed in the past for baptism but it didn't work 
out because he was living with his girlfriend. 
But, now they are married so that's taken care of! 
We met with him and had a good lesson, 
committed him to be baptized on January 2nd! 
The only issue is he is a very busy man

with work and everything so it's just a matter of being able to
quickly go through the lessons with him. 
He was at church and he seems pretty excited for his date!! 
It makes me very happy. :)


Throughout the week, we were able to get some number 
of lessons on doorsteps while tracting.'s not as bad as some make it to be!
 We will also play games and stuff while doing it 
to make it fun. :) 
One game we play is; you have to guess what the person 
will look like based on what you see around their yard. 
You never know what you're gonna get behind that door!! 
Hahaha! It's pretty great though. :)

And then of course, there are always....ALWAYS the rude ones.
 But hey!
Also, some weird people behind those doors. 
Spiritualists, witches, fat hairy shirtless men
 (which actually turn out to be new investigators! Haha), 
the ones that just stare at you with wide eyes for like 5
seconds and then shut the door. 
Then there are the more traditional religious people you meet. 
Atheist ("There is no proof!") 
Pantheist ("God is nature and the universe") 
Born Again ("Oh I've been saved for 8 years now") 
CofE ("We're pretty set in our roots") 
Muslim ("Not interested.") 
Oh, the fun people you meet on the mission. I love it!

On Saturday, it didn't stop raining all day. We had our

waterproofs on and just kind of have to accept it. 
Accept your fate! You're gonna be wet. Haha :) 
That day was full of being cold and wet but it was our most successful day.
 It was so much fun!
We'd be going door to door, doing our thing, all wet. Then we'd just
be like, "Man, what are we doing?? We're so crazy!" Haha 
And then continue on our way, making it fun! :)

I finally got a bike!! Yes! For those that didn't know, my last bike got

broken through the transfer process. The mission home had a spare
that they gave me. It ain't great but it gets the job done! 
I am so grateful for bikes.
Let me tell is just so much more efficient than walking! 
Whoever invented the wheel...bless your heart.
 Walking to the store to shop used to be like 35 min. one way.
 To bike, it's like 15 min. And downhill on the way back. :D
 That's fun flying down English hills on a bike! Mmm..

We had the Christmas ward party on Saturday which was pretty fun! 
The music was super loud and it was hard to hear people talking.
But there were some funny games being played! 
Here is a video of one of the games. So funny! But yeah:)


The Lord very much did bless us with a good week this past week!
 And I am ever so grateful for it. 
The mission thus far has been the greatest thing ever. 
Seriously. If you're considering it...DO IT. 
Coolest thing ever. Hardest thing ever....but also the coolest. :) 
Thank you guys so much for all the support! 
Love ya tons. 
Peace be unto thine souls.


Elder Wright

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