Monday, December 28, 2015

"I'm dreaaming of a WET...Christmas!"

"I'm dreaaming of a WET...Christmas!" 
Well hey, it's a reality over here so you no longer have to dream about it;) 
Hey all!! Merry Christmas! 
It's been a pretty decent week this week. 
Things here in Chelmsley Wood are coming along slow but steady! 
Let us start earlier in the week. :)
Last Monday we tracted into this atheist guy and had a very long, 
deep conversation with him.
 (About an hour and a half. Felt like 10 minutes though!). 
His main point, (along with many atheists)
 was why would a loving God in heaven just sit back and allow 
terrible suffering to happen to people. Which is a very fair question to ask! 
We of course tried to lead into agency and the plan of salvation.
 He brought up some fair points that we honestly did not know how to answer.
 We did bear powerful testimony to him.
 It was cool though, because towards the beginning of talking with him, 
he was absolutely "no, you will not sway me. You can't ever come back." 
By the end of talking with him, we got his phone number, 
gave him a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, 
set up another time to come by, and we were all
laughing together and joking around a bit!
 It was great. :) 
It was cool to see how his attitude changed about the whole thing.

There truly is so much joy that comes from serving the Lord!! 
 He truly does bless us for it. We are crazy lucky to have the
knowledge that we have. If you think about all the different religions
out there, ours has the full truth!! It's so great,, :) You just
deepen your appreciation for the gospel on the mission and you
experience it all firsthand. I was reading today about Amulek and Alma
after they taught Zeezrom. It sounded especially rough for Amulek.
Shortly after his conversion, he served that mission with Alma where
they were persecuted, bashed, physically and verbally abused, he lost
all his money and home, his own father and family disowned him. Talk
about trying the faith of the righteous man!! Amulek went through all
of that when he was trying his best to do what was right. He is truly
a hero. When you think about people like Amulek and especially the
Saviours own suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, all your problems
just naturally start to diminish. And then you feel bad that you ever
thought your "problems" were problems. 

Man, I just love the gospel:)
Wednesday, we had a zone conference in Leicester. 
It was 3 zones: Nottingham, Coventry, and Leicester. 
I was able to see friends from Leicester and Notts!:) 

Thursday we had a zone Christmas Eve party in Coventry! 
That was pretty fantastic! It was rough traveling there
though. We had to bike to the station
 (which was a headwind, uphill, and rain bullets in the eyeballs).
And then we took the bikes with us so we could bike to the Coventry chapel.
 Pretty crazy experience! Haha:) But it was fun.
Then it was Christmas!! It was a fun day. 
I played Christmas hymns for the church service on Christmas morning. 
Which, by the way, the Christmas service on Christmas morning
 was a great way to start off the day! 
It started at10:30am and we read Christmas poems and sang
Christmas carols. It was a good way to start the day focusing on the
true meaning of Christmas. :) We then went to the Morleys for lunch.
After "Christmas Dinner" there, we played games with them
 (Rummikub and Uno) Then in the late afternoon, 
we went to bishops house for Skype!! 
That was so fun to talk with the fam! :D It was nice to catch
up with them and to actually hear their voices again! Then we
spent the rest of the night at the Gates home playing some 
Disney Trivia.
Turns out Saturday was another Pday for us 
because it was Boxing Day or something. So that was nice! :) 
Not a super eventful week to be honest. 
A lot of people here just do not want to talk to you on the
days leading up to Christmas, and if they do and are slightly
interested, they tell you to contact them after the New Year. Haha We
have found some new people to teach, 
but won't be able to see them until after the New Year.
That's about it honestly! The ward is still pretty cool! They feed us
well here so I might get a little bit fat. Haha;)
 Pack it on for the winter! 
Speaking of, it's not too cold yet....which is very unusual
for here! It'll probably drop in temp soon though. Anyways, that's
about it folks! Hope you had a great Christmas! 
Enjoy Star Wars for me! :..( 
Love ya tons! 
Cheers mates.

Elder Wright

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