Monday, December 7, 2015

We went to a chippie just down the road

Hey there!! How's it been?? 
Funny story! The is Sister Lowder. 
She is from where my Aunt and Uncle live!
Small world in the church!
Nottingham has been pretty good! 
Kind of windy lately to be honest. Temperature is starting to drop again. 
But it has been amazingly nice the past week as far as weather goes!
 It's December and it might as well be summer!
 (Now watch...a giant snowstorm or something will come tomorrow) 
But Christmas here is going strong.

I have officially been on my mission for 4 months. 
Crazy beans? Yes! It's gone by way to fast. 
can't even believe it. I love the mission! :)

This week has been pretty decent! 
We've been trying to have more street lessons with people. 
If we can teach any kind of doctrine and say a prayer, it counts as a lesson. 
That's one thing our ward mission leader has been pushing us to do. 
To have more street lessons and it's been going alright!:) 
This week we're going to be doing more member stop bys in the evenings.
 Tracting and GQing are less effect after 7pm. I'm way excited about that! 
We are going to start to fellowship the ward a little more. 
 We have decided our area just isn't good for GQing in town centre. 
In fact, it's pretty terrible. But, we have surprisingly found a lot of success tracting!
 So, that's been pretty cool:)

Oh man, it was funny. 
We have been improving a lot with our lessons. 
Meaning, people were actually keeping their appointments.
But one day, 3 lessons were no shows and 
when it came time for dinner, we showed up and the family
 totally forgot and told us to come another day. 
As we were walking back, Elder Smith said, 
"Man, three lessons and a flogged DA!"
Hahaha! We were laughing about that.
 It was totally opposite to what 
had been happening in the past week:P So funny!

We're having a lot of fun together! It's been a blast! 
We laugh a lot. (Maybe even too much) 
We are always trying to find the funny in all situations! 
One night we had been tracting for a while. We went
up to the next door, and I knock and then step back and just hear
this *crunch*.  I wondered for a bit. Like, "What could that have been??"
I figured it was plastic or something. Then I looked down and beheld
tiny snail remains all crushed and smeared over. 
 Apparently my face just dropped after I realized it was a baby snail.
 Then we laughed for like 5 minutes. Just random things like that 
happen all the time on the mission! In the moment, it's hilarious. 
It's hard to explain it. But sometimes the little silly
 things make you so happy!

We quote movies a lot. Well...mainly two movies. 
Knight and Day and Remember the Titans. Such classics:) 
It's a lot of fun! 
We went suit shopping last Monday with our district leader
 at a shop called Slaters. They were being tailored and we returned 
Thursday before district meeting to pick them up.
 We looked pretty fly as we were walking with our new 
British suits through town. Haha;) That was fun.

I went on exchange with Elder Mordue to Boston. 
It's about a 2 hour drive from here. That was fun! 

We were able to go by less actives that day. 
Then later in the evening, we had a lesson with one of their investigators. 
It went super well! 
We taught the simple truths of faith and repentance to her.
 It was fantastic! We followed the Spirit and resolved some things with her. :)
 That was a ton of fun. We then went to the flat later
 for dinner (around 8) to finish off the day. 
We cooked some pasta bake and had a dodge fest!
 (Dodge is "deep doctrine") 
It was nice to be able to teach the simple truths of the
gospel to their investigator and it was also nice to have a little
reward of dodge later on. Hahaha :) 
The next day for lunch, we went to a chippie just down the
road from their flat. The owner knows all the
missionaries that have come through Boston. 
He's so good to missionaries!! When we went there, 
we ordered a large cod and large chips. 
He started throwing on the chips, scoop after scoop,
 pile after pile. He was like "tell me when to stop!" 
After the pile was just too big to bare, he slapped a giant piece of cod 
over the top, poured on salt and vinegar and wrapped it in paper.
 It was originally going to be £7 but he was like 
"For you guys, we will make it £5" hahaha!
 It was so great. We walked off and we're just like "Bless that man!"
 It was so much food though. Both of us 
(even with how hungry we were) could not finish it all. 
Best fish and chips I've far.
Diabetes? Probably. Delicious? Most definitely. :)

So yeahhh. Things are purdy good!
 It was a good week. :) Not much else to say really. 
I hope all is well!
 I will report back in a week from now.

Elder Wright

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