Monday, January 18, 2016


Hey there!! 
This week was interesting. 
The week of many appointments falling through.
 The story of the mission. But yeah.

It's getting pretty chilly over here. 
I had to buy thermals, which was one of the smartest things to do! 
We had our first snow over here in Chelmsley Wood.
 Not too much, but it was fun! 
I've been having many bike problems this week. 
 It's a dump, but hey it was free,

We had exchanges this week! 
I went to Nuneaton with the District Leader, Elder Quesada. 

That was pretty fun! 
I forgot what it's like to talk to people that don't speak English! 
Everyone in Chelms is English. That was fun! 
It's always nice to see different missionaries' style of finding and such. 
We had a dinner appointment at their bishop's home. 
He is freakin hilarious! Full on British man. VERY British. Haha;) 
And, it's funny because Elder Quesada, being from Spain, 
doesn't get sarcasm very much. It's just hilarious! 
The bishop was interesting though, because
he's a normal guy, served a mission, has 4 kids, 
SEEMS like a normal guy. 
But, he listens to screamo music. It was hilarious! 
He gave us a ride afterward, and told me, "This is what I listen to." 
Then flipped the music on for like a second and sure enough,
 screaming! Hahaha The funniest thing is he's actually serious. 
We had a nice conversation about music
and all the different genres and such. Cool guy. :)

During district lunch, we played some chair football. 
Yes!! Haha I love it. It brought me back to the days of Peterborough. 
In Nottingham and here in Chelms, we don't have any sports 
night or anything, so I've been missing me some chair football.
 But that was way fun! It was a nice exchange. 
And, I actually missed Chelmsley Wood!
 It's becoming a home for me. No matter how chavy it is...

Like I said, this week was a week of many 
appointments falling through, which
can be quite discouraging at times! 
Poor Elder Hill was quite down...I felt bad. 
One good thing about the past week is we've been able to
meet with a lot of different less active members and help strengthen
them, which I believe might be the main reason we're here 
in Chelms now. But, Elder Hill is having troubles seeing that:/ 
So yeah! The Lord is testing us! But we're being patient. 
Alma 26:27 baby.

Unfortunately, something bad happened with a new investigator we found.
He was so cool!! We taught him the Restoration in his house. 
He even texted us afterward thanking us for it. 
We got him interested, but unfortunately
he got looking into some anti material online and he dropped us!:.(
That was a bummer. But hey, we planted that seed! 
Maybe some future day missionaries will pick him up!

Our bonus this week was the less actives we were able to visit! 
Very cool stuff:) I love being able to see that kind of light switch back
on in them. This one, his name his Graham, is an old guy. Left the
church because he struggles to find motivation to keep going with it.
We got talking for a good long while, shared with him Testimony of the
Book of Mormon by Elder Holland (SOO GOOD!). I love at the end of a
visit with a less active when they tell you they felt something there
and they miss that feeling. It's so great:) But yeah, we've got a few
that we're starting to work with now and that's been great!

Yup. That's our week! Learning a lot here for sure! 
You definitely learn to just rely on the Lord completely and accept His timing. 
He knows how we need to grow better than we know how we need to grow. 
The gospel is so true! 
I hope you guys will not take for granted this great knowledge. 
I hope your week rocks! 
Make it rock. 

Elder Wright

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