Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!! 2016

Happy New Year!! 2016. 
Officially the start of my "black year". 
That's the full year in the mission where you are a missionary. 
Why the color black? No idea. 
 This week was alright! 
Well....not as far as the weather goes. 
It's been terrible as far as the weather goes. 
It has rained everyday for the past week. 
Which isn't as fun when being a missionary. 
But hey, there's not much we can do about the rain! 
We showed up to 3 dinner appointments this last week
 just soaked through and through. Haha!
 It definitely makes you appreciate the good weather
when it comes! (If it ever will) 
So yeah, that has been quite fun really. 
One day, we figured that it was just too rainy to tract, because 
 the wind was blowing all the rain into this one guy's
 house when he answered the door. 
We decided to go to a tower flat and just
go tracting in there, where it was nice and dry. 

We had district meeting in Coventry this week.
 We also interviews with the mission president. 
Good stuff! Twas very nice. :)

 Most definitely the highlight of this week was teaching
 this less active guy named Phillip. 
We got to talking about his life and just getting to know
him. We moved into how he joined the church
 and what his concerns are now about it.
 He said he felt he was, "too caught up into the church" 
like too committed I guess you could say.
 Then he started raising up doubts about the church and Joseph Smith.
 We feel he may have gotten caught up in some anti material or something.
He also talked a little bit of thinking about the "mysteries of the kingdom".
Luckily, back in his life a while ago, 
he said he had gone to the temple to do baptisms 
and he felt the spirit strongly and he could not
deny that experience. That is the main thing that kept him having a
belief or even letting us into his home for that matter. 
We began to clear up his concerns by teaching some
 of the doctrine from the Restoration. 
We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon as the
keystone of our religion and how everything relies on that book. We
showed him the Mormon message "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" 
by Jeffrey Holland which brought the spirit into that meeting so much!!
It was so strong there! We bore testimony of the prophet Joseph 
and we knew that he was feeling the spirit. 
He knew he was feeling the spirit. 
He even told us "I have felt something here today" and thanked
us a lot for coming. We are very hopeful in bringing him back!!
 Oh man, it was so good. :)

 The scriptures are just the bomb.
I love them! I have developed a love for them out here on the mish!
Truly the words of life. :) I just read through the conversion
stories of King Lamoni and his father. 
Ammon and Aaron were awesome in the gospel! 
Lately I've been reading the institute manual while
reading also, just to get a little more out of it.

As far as investigators that we have here in Chelmsley Wood, there are
a few but none of which are very solid. We are very much hoping to
find a solid new investigator here pretty soon! The ward here is still
great! Hopefully they can see that we as missionaries are here trying
to work hard! There is some great potential here in Chelmsley Wood, we
just have to reach it.

This week was also full of some really weird things that happened. 
We went to this one tower flat to go by a less active's ho
use and we just heard screaming! 
We were like "What is happening! Get out!!" 
Then as we were going to a lesson, we walked out of our flat 
and saw this big orange fungus looking thing in the grass.
 We could not explain what it was or even how it got there!! 

Weird orange fungus part 1.


Weird orange fungus part 2.


Weird orange fungus part 3.


Just ridiculous. But yeah, some weird vibes
this last week. Don't know what that was all about.

Sometimes, while tracting, it can get kind of the same old, same old.
So, to switch it up every once in a while, we will challenge each other
to do something or say something during the tract. 
Some of the different challenges include: 
say good morning if it's the evening 
and the other way around, 
use the word "Apple" at some point, 
make a heart symbol with your hands,
 talk about their garden, etc. 
It makes it fun sometimes! Haha!
 We've had some great moments doing that. :) But yeah!

One thing I've been missing lately is the temple! I so wish there was
a Birmingham Temple! The best thing ever, though, was working in
the temple for that month or so before I left! I would HIGHLY encourage 
missionaries that are waiting to go out to work at the
temple before they go!! 
It seriously is the best. 
 I'm benefitting from that even now out here! Seriously so good. :) 
I was thinking randomly the other day....when we have a big old family trip to
England after my mission is done, we will all have to go through the
London and Preston temples together as a family!! 
That would be so cool:)
Well, everything is alright over here! 
Hopefully everything is alright over there in the states. 
Stay dry, stay warm. 

Cheers mates. :)

Elder Wright

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