Monday, January 25, 2016

One of my favourite parts...

Hey guys!! 
Sorry, I don't really have a lot of time today to write.
We're travelling over to Warwick to see 
Warwick Castle with the district so that'll be pretty fun. :)
 Not too, too, much has happened this week to be honest. 
The weather is acting really funny. 
A few days ago it was cold enough to snow 
and now we're walking around in just our white shirts because it's so warm! 
What the heck!!

This week, we had a World Wide Mission Conference.
It was way good! It was the first one they've done 
in 10 years or something like that. 
The conference was titled, 
"Teach repentance and baptize converts."
 They went over all the 12 week training points for missionaries. 
One of my favourite parts of the conference was Elder Bednar doing a
study group session with a group of missionaries. 
They talked a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. 
Essentially we can't force the Spirit into someone, 
we simply bring it UNTO their hearts and they decide 
whether or not to let it INTO their hearts.
Some good stuff. :)

Hey we're improving! 
We actually expected quite a few investigators
and less actives at church, 
which has been more than the past few weeks. 
Teresa said she'd definitely make it. We were excited about that. 
She showed up at church to tell us the reason she couldn't come. 
Her father has some health problems and they 
needed to see him at the hospital at the same time. 
But, she said she was so excited to come and was
bummed she couldn't stay. 
She didn't want to just call or text us saying she couldn't come. 
She actually showed up in person to tell us, 
which shows a great deal of integrity!:) She is so cool. 
She has been busy the past few weeks but we have plans
 to see her on Wednesday so hopefully that follows through!

Anyways, things here are going! Same old same old really. 
But we're trying hard! :) I think the members are beginning 
to trust us more and more and they see that we're out working hard.
 But yeah, that's about it. Sorry again for the short email! 
Hope your week is fantastic! 
Love you all. 

Elder Wright

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