Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Elder Hill got the prompting to,"Go with Elder Wright's feelings".

This week was interesting!
 It all starts off with last Monday. 
Something went wrong with our emails. 
It was weird because it said they sent but apparently 
they didn't (so sorry if you didn't get an email on time). 
It was a mission thing because we got a call from the APs 
saying that we could take time later in the week 
to resend the emails again. 
On the way to the church to do that, it was a frosty morning. 
Quite cold. A thickness in the air. As we were biking, 
we turned into the path that led to the church 
and I slipped on some ice and hurt my wrist pretty bad! :o
 It's actually been healing very fast! (Power of prayer) 
It's funny because growing up we always had Dad
 if anything got hurt. After it happened I was like "Flip. What do I do?"
 Haha! We called the President and he told me to get it X-rayed.
 It's funny what things remind you of home! When I went to the hospital, 
it just reminded me of home. 
The smell, the scrubs, all the medicine. 
 I didn't think I broke it but we were advised to get it X-rayed anyways.
We had to wait in the hospital for 3 hours
 just to tell us it ISNT broken. Haha!
 So, that was good that it wasn't broken! :) 
But I have to wear a little splint thing. So yeah, that's my story!

We got an invitation from a former investigator to go to the
Fordbridge Centre to make ukuleles! He's way into making
instruments and stuff so he invited us to make ukuleles that we can
"carry with us on our travels". Haha:) So we did.
 It's a club thing where people go that have had history of mental health issues. 
We got talking to a lot of them about what missionaries 
do and why we're here. It was pretty cool!:)

A bit of good British humor !
Heads R coming off Shoulders! Hahah

Had a good lesson with an investigator named Yvette. 
She's from the Congo, speaks French
 (Language barriers man. Takes me back to Peterborough!)
We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
which went pretty well! She loves the BoM and the teachings of it.
 It's just a matter of trying to get her to churchy!

But yeah, after the wrist incident, the week became very slow! We
kept trying to figure out how to get bus passes for a couple weeks
(because I won't be able to use my bike for a bit). 
Eventually we did get a travel card! We're trying to get to know the bus
schedules around here. There were a couple of times we were
sprinting to catch buses! Haha:)

So, sometimes we would make up funny stories to tell the members what
happened to my wrist. One of which is that I punched a shark! 
Some good laughs:) But we told this older member named Duncan 
(about 85 or so) that grew up in South Africa about that fake story.
 He went on to tell us an actually story he had where he was 
in the water with a friend of his and they saw a small shark coming at them.
  He kicked it and punched it and it swam away! Haha!
This guy was a daredevil in his youth. 
He's got some crazy stories! :)

Teresa was able to make it to church this week! 
She had been busy one week and then ill another week. 
But she made it back! She's doing super well too:) 
Still progressing so keep her in your prayers if ya could! 
She also said that her really close friend named Bill said that
he wants to start making it out to church as well so we are expecting
both of them next week! :D

Another cool story!
 We were tracting in a tiny village called Water Orton on Friday. 
We decided to pray for a street to tract...I got the
feeling on a certain street. Elder Hill got the prompting to
 "go with Elder Wright's feeling". 
So we went, started knocking. Several houses down, we
knocked and this guy answered. 
He looked at us...kind of smiled a bit.
His wife came to the door as well (they're older) 
and they were like "Mormons??" Heck yeah we are! 
They were like, "Come on in!"
 (Which is VERY rare to be let into someone's home tracting!)
 That was the second time on my mission. 
The British are very reserved people and just don't let you into their homes.
 Turns out they have Mormon friends in
the states and knew a bit about the church. 
They're pretty firm in their beliefs but we were able to give 
them a BoM and some pamphlets.
We had a good chat with him! So that was cool! :)

That's about it really! I hope you all's week was good!:) 
Have a great week. 

Elder Wright

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