Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hello From The British Isles

Hello from the British Isles! :) 
Typically when you say "island/isle"

you think of nice tropical breeze in the warm sun. 
Yeahhhh....not as much over here. ;)
Temperature dropped quite a bit but we have
enjoyed some sun the past few days. Woo hoo! :D

Not too, too much eventful stuff happened this week. 
We had a good Zone Conference that lasted for 3.5 hours last week.
  They talked a lot about the topic, "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" 
and also working with members and whatnot. 
It was crazy awesome! :) We left the meeting inspired which is very good. 
A lot of the training lately has been on working with members.
 (The Apostles called it a "gold mine").

Speaking of trying to work with members, there are a couple of less
actives that we are trying so desperately to get back to church. 
One is Philip. He's so cool!
 It's just a matter of him coming to church.
He's a part member family. His wife isn't a member.
 But our ultimate goal is to bring him back, 
start teaching his wife and get them on the right path! :) 
Another is Thomas Witts. He's had the same issue for the
past 5 years or so. They call him "Doubting Thomas"
 (which is really sad) because he goes through a cycle 
of gaining a testimony, then a concern pops up, 
he loses his testimony, we resolve his concern and so on. :/ 
But the last time we taught him, we showed him the talk by
Uchtdorf called "Come, Join With Us" which was absolutely perfect in
every way for him!! So, hopefully (keep fingers crossed!) he can start
coming back. Faith baby.

We met a guy on the street named Paul. 
He's one of those guys that's so crazy you almost think he's a genius! :D  
We had a fun talk with him about the world now-a-days. 
He supported the entire idea of a Restoration! 
We gave him the BoM and got his number. Then
the next day, we made an emergency Asda run to buy some stuff 
(lights for my bike and some "relaxing zen" air freshener.
 Make fun of us all  you want! Our flat smells like a flipp'n spa now. Haha) 
On our way home from there, we ran into him again! 
It was way cool! He started reading and told all his coworkers he met us.
Just imagine mad scientist type and that's Paul. Cool chap. :) 
Not a ton more happened last week. We have found that a
majority of people are very polite when they reject us! 
It's pretty crazy. Some of the British don't want to sound rude
 to you or anything so they'll say "We don't want to waste your time" 
which is really just code for "I don't want you to waste my time". 
Then the more sarcastic ones are blatantly honest. 
So, we have been quite lucky here as far as persecution!
 There was a pretty funny guy one time, 
he told us to go away and then slammed the door hard, and then
reopened it and slammed it again!! Hahaha Pretty funny stuff;)
Elder Hill and I are thinking of starting up a Book of Mormon
study class during the week. It'll be for actives who want to, less
actives, and investigators. Just to have a nice chill BoM

reading/study in the week. I hope it turns out alright! :)

Man, my testimony has grown
so much on the mission. It's just kinda stinky sometimes because we
want to share it but people are like "Eh, not interested" all day!
 If only they knew what the heck they were rejecting! Man,
 I love the Gospel. It all just makes sense.
Anyways, that's about it really! I hope all is well over there! :) Ta

ta for now.....innit.

Elder Wright

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