Monday, February 8, 2016

One night we were biking back to our flat and I looked up at the stars. Just serves as a reminder of how great God is! :)

Hey hey!! 
I have officially been on my mission for 6 months!! 
 Crazy! It's quite hard to believe actually. 
It's weird because I look back on certain things and it's like, 
whoa, that felt like forever ago.
 But at the same time, it's gone by way too fast! Man...:) 
We did our celebratory tie burning yesterday. 
If you don't know, it's a tradition to do the following: 

Burn a tie at 6 months, 
Burn a shirt at 12,
 Burn trousers at 18, 
and then a suit at 24. 

This week was alright overall!
 Let us start with the weather.
 The weather has been mental. So much wind! 
We almost got blown off our bikes a couple of times! 
 The theme song of this week was 
"Master The Tempest Is Raging". 
 We were able to enjoy a couple of cloudless days though.
That was much appreciated.
 One night we were biking back to our flat
 and I just looked up at the stars.  
Just serves as a reminder of how great God is! :) 
But the worst day as far as weather
(but probably the best day as far as missionary work) 
was on Saturday.
It literally didn't stop raining all day and it wasn't just mist.
 It was full on rain! 
There comes a point when one just accepts the
fact're going to get wet and just deal with it!!!
So we did, and made it fun! 
I had lakes in my shoes. 
But I'm very much grateful for heaters in the flat, 
for we were able to dry our clothes overnight. :)

Oh, I totally spaced it! If you haven't gathered already,
 Elder Hill and I are staying in Chelmsley Wood for another transfer!
 As far as changes to the district, not much. 
Only one change. Sister Grant (New Zealand) went to Newport 
and Sister Filoso (Utah) came here. 
The rest of the district is the same: Ofasi (London), 
Quesada (E'Spain), Hill (Cali'), Gombe (Zimbabwe).

Not too, too much is different as far as the work is going. 
We got a new investigator named Yvette, 
who was a former investigator from about 5 years ago. 
She's from the Congo, speaks French. 
Very nice lady!
 We brought a member named Godfrey out teaching with us!:) 
It was good to see him out teaching.
 Godfrey had been less active for a long while until about 3 months ago. 
Very cool guy! He's originally from the Caribbean.
 But that lesson went very well:)

One of our investigator's name is Robert. 
He's probably about 60 years old and suffers 
from PTSD and alcoholism.
 He fought in the Falklands a while back and has told
 us some gruesome stories of what he's done.
(I'll spare the details for ya;) ) 
Because of the haunting of all of his past,
 he masks it with alcohol now. Quite a sad life really! :/
Sometimes I think to myself, "What am I doing!
 I'm so young! I have no idea what it's like to be him! 
How am I going to influence this guy!"
The beautiful part about it is we literally can't, without some help.
God knows what we need to say to help him 
and as long as we are trying our best to have the Spirit,
 the Spirit acts as a channel between us and Heavenly Father. 
Then, hopefully we can help him in some way!
 But yeah....good stuff!

I was listening to John Bytheway and something hit home. I always thought a testimony was something you received. Once you received it, it was yours and you could enjoy it forever. But now I like to compare it with a garden.

 It's something you need to maintain, to work at. 
Make sure the soil is rich, you have good seeds, 
you nourish it and look after it daily, you
weed out the weeds. 
Sometimes growth can be so little that you can't
really tell that it's growing!
 But through perseverance and diligence,
you will be able to enjoy the fruit thereof. 
I liked the way he explained it! :) It's so true! 
It's sad watching people fall away
because their roots were completely malnourished. :/ 

The gospel is so true! I once had a minister of another church ask
us if we had ever thought of eternity.
 My comp and I just looked at each other and were like
 "On a daily basis!"
 But you end up thinking about it a lot on the mission. 
It all just fits together perfectly. :)
Well, that's about it really! :) 

I can now never relive those six months of my mission!
 Kind of surreal at times. 
Thank you all for the love and support! 
I wish you all have a great week...stay sweet.


Elder Wright

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