Monday, February 29, 2016

This Week We Learned The Answer To Everything Is....CHEESE!

Hello, hello! How's it going!? 
It's Elder Wright here. 
This week was alright! Full of some pretty funny stories!
 Let us start with the weather. 
Weather is cold right now but we have much enjoyed not having
rain for multiple days in a row so, that's been great! 
My wrist is getting better so I'm able to ride bikes!
 Bikes are so nice.

Tuesday was Elder Hills birthday! 
We had decided that we would go to this restaurant called 
Big Johns, which is apparently the UK's first
drive thru chippie so that's cool!:) But we just ate in. We had
decided to buy the biggest pizza they had with chips and smoothies. 
So we got the 20 inch pizza and my oh my....that beast was ferocious!
That was one of the biggest mistakes we've made yet. 
It just made us really lazy for the rest of the day
 (now we know never to do that again!). 
Makes me think of Elder Nelson saying that what you put into
your body affects your spirit.
 How true that is! But we had a good b-day for him:)

Funny story! 
We were tracting one day and we looked across the park
and saw this dog jumping like four feet into the air!
We laughed a bit, kind of played it off for a bit and continued. 
Then we looked back in the distance and saw this dog hanging
 in a tree by his mouth!! Hahaha So we had to get proof of this.
 We went up and talked to the kid and videoed it. 
So hopefully you guys can see the video with it!


We had a really deep conversation with this guy named Tony on the street.
Crazy, crazy, guy! Let me tell ya why. 
We get talking about the usual stuff (religion, beliefs, etc). 
Then we started talking more and more going deeper and deeper. 
This guy is brilliant! We were talking about God-physics basically. 
 Anyways, he then told us something that he's never told anyone about. 
He said he had a vision. In this vision he was walking through 
this tunnel and then saw the Saviour and the Saviour ushered him to follow. 
Jesus takes him to this spot where he is shown "the answer to everything". 
He then realized he was sleeping and knew he would wake up soon so, 
he started to shout out the answer to everything so when he would wake up, 
he wouldn't forget it. And no joke, this is what happened....he told us,
 "As I was thus shouting the answer to everything, I regained consciousness
 and shouted 'CHEESE!!!!!!'" No joke!! 
It was absolutely hilarious we just start busting up laughing!
 Then he went on to say, "I don't even like to
eat cheese!!" It was soooo funny!

The work right now is quite slow. We're trying to work with the less
actives here in our area, for I feel this is our purpose here. 
Personally, I love working with less actives! 
Just trying to rekindle what they've once felt.
 It can be sad when they don't progress on the path of happiness
even though you know they have felt the Spirit! 
We've also been trying to strengthen the trust that the
 members here have in missionaries. 
I think they are seeing that not all missionaries are lazy.
 I hope that we can make some sort of difference here!

We had a very humbling experience on Sunday night. 
In the evening, we watched most of the film 17 Miracles. 
Oh man! Just being able to see ever so slightly what it was like 
for the pioneers was very humbling.
I think sometimes we lose sight of what we are so blessed with. 
The pride cycle is demonstrated so simply
 in the Book of Mormon over and over again. 
In my studies this week, I read through Helaman 12 (a.k.a
Mormon's Lament). These things hit me very powerfully this week.

Man, the Gospel is just so great. 
And I've realized here on my mission just how important it is. 
I never truly understood until now! 
Alright, I'm done. Haha I hope you guys have a superb week:) 
Let us all be grateful for the knowledge that we take so much for granted!
 Cheers mates!

Elder Wright

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