Monday, February 1, 2016

"What the hell are you doing here in England???"

Sup guys!! 
Sorry my email was short last week. 
We had to email early because we were traveling over to 
Warwick to visit Warwick Castle....which was awesome!! :) 

(pronounced "Warrick" here).
And THEY make fun of American english. 
Half the letters here are silent! Haha
 Very fun Pday. 

We were with the rest of our district and a couple
 of other sisters from Warwick. 

We toured around the castle on the inside, which had a really
cool wax museum type thing. Yeah! 

Then we saw a bird of prey show which was fun:) 
Here's a funny video with that show. 


It was a very fun Pday that's for sure. :)

The joys of tracting. 
I wonder what percentage of people reject us
right away and think we're JWs. 
It's quite funny though sometimes!
 Sometimes when we tract, right away when they open the door they'll say,
 "Are you Jehovahs Witnesses??" We'll tell them "Nope. 
We're Mormons!" and usually it's hilarious because they'll give like a sigh
of relief after that and say "Well then what do you want." 
 But, this one time, the guy says, "Are you Jehovahs Witnesses??" 
and you know, we say "Nope! We're actually Mormons!" 
Then the guy was like "Oh, that's even worse!! Sinners!"
 and then shut the door. He then creepily watched us
 tract the next 3-4 houses. Haha!
 Oh! Funny story too. 
We tracted this guy, asked him if he had any belief in God
and he told us "Nope. I'm a Jedi Knight" 
with a complete serious face.
We were like, "Tell us more!" Hahaha! It was funny. :)

One of our go-to GQ approaches is to ask people 
what they like about the area. 
Funny enough, about 99% of the time, the people say
"Nothing!"  So sad.. Sometimes after that, 
we will ask them if they could live one place in the world, 
where would they live. We then lead into the fact that we're 
not from around here and have only lived in the UK for 6 months. 
We tell them we're from the warmth and dryness
of Arizona and California and usually they'll say,
 "What the hell are you doing here in England???" 
Ohhhh yes:D...lead into gospel talk baby. Haha!

So, this week was pretty normal up until Sunday, 
which was a great day!
The reason it was great was because 
 At 10am, we were waiting in the hall thinking,
 "Come on! Come!" 10:10...still no sign. 
10:20...starting to lose hope. 10:30....saw her pull up in the
car and Elder Hill and I just smiled:D 
It was great! We had a great sacrament meeting. 
Then Gospel Principles class was good. We were kind
of scared because the lesson just happened to be about baptism 
and we didn't want it to seem like we were pushing it on her right away.
  But, it ended up being very good. 
She felt comfortable enough to voice questions she
 was having and there's a member named Godfrey
that was able to relate to her very well, so it was perfect! 
She was apparently very popular in Relief Society too!
 She said there was a lot of information in there  but she had a few questions
 about the temple and baptisms for the dead. 
Man, good day at church:)
She said she wants to set up a time to meet in the week
 and she also said she will come next week to church! 
I don't care how many bad days it takes...
when you get one good moment, it is so worth it.

We had a pretty cool experience with a less active of ours named
 Thomas (70's). He called Sunday morning saying he couldn't
 come to church because he was feeling sick. 
He told us he would like a priesthood blessing that night though. 
So we went over to his house Sunday night
and chatted for a while. 
 I then gave him a blessing of healing and comfort. 
The Spirit was strong there!
 It was awesome because after the blessing, he was smiling
 and amazed because his headache went away so suddenly! :) 
 Nice old guy, he's just going through a rough time. 
But nevertheless, a great guy:)

Transfers are this week! 
To be honest, I really hope we stay. 
We both feel like there is some unfinished work
we must do together here so we're hoping to stay for at least one more. 

Good stuff! The mission is the greatest!:) 
I love reading about missionaries in the Book of Mormon 
because I feel I can relate to them. 
Man, the gospel is so true:) 
I love it! 

Anyways, that's the major stuff this week!
 The great day at the end there made us very happy:)
 I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Thanks for everything. 

Cheers. :D

Elder Wright

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