Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Gate's Band And More!

Sup guys!:)

These people are the Gates. They are a great family in our ward.

Holy flip...crazy week!! 
Mostly because of something that happened at the end of the week. 
Just so you know, the weather has started to get a bit warmer! 
That is good. We are no longer wearing the fleece liners in our coats. 
But, with English weather, it could start snowing in the next 
10 minutes so you never know. Haha!

The beginning of the week was pretty normal. Nothing too special.
Wednesday we had zone meeting in Coventry. THAT was crazy. 
All our trains got cancelled because of some flooding
 so we arrived late to zone meeting. After zone meeting, 
we were heading back to go to the Hood when I got a strong prompting
 not to get on the train we were going on. 
So, we followed through with it! 
We arrived in Chelmsley Wood safely.
 I didn't know what that prompting was all about 
until later that evening. Because of all the train delays and that prompting
and everything, we had to switch up our plans for the day. 
In the evening we went to a town called Water Orton 
(which we had previously planned to go to in the afternoon). 
We were able to find someone that is never in during 
the day that we were able to teach!! And she seems
super ready to hear the gospel! We taught her the Resto on the
doorstep and she was like really excited and like, "This is really
cool!" Her name is Eve (which is fitting!). Cool stuff though:) 
Lesson learned, follow promptings because you NEVER
 know when something great might come of it!

T'was a good week as far as missionary work goes. 
We were able to see some fruits from our labors!
 So, you remember Teresa? The one investigator that has come to church with us?
 She cares after a guy named Bill and we randomly stopped by them one night.
 We were able to teach them together for the first time ever!
 Teresa wasn't able to make it to church, but BILL came! 
It was super cool:) AND a less active that we had taught
 was also able to make it to church! Good stuff!:)

A couple of funnies this week. I hadn't even had my nice new bike for
a week when I got a flat tire! Hahaha! Bike problem struggle is real.
Another thing that happened related to the bike probs...usually I clip
my helmet to the bike lock because I couldn't be bothered to carry my
helmet around. And I learned my lesson! A group of chavs were
persecuting us as we were tracting and we looked over and saw them
wearing my helmet yelling "Mr. Mormon!!" (Such a sad breed. Haha) When
we got back to my bike, my helmet got smashed through by the chavy
bruvs. Haha I'll send a video we took!


 Also, we were on this street,
and a group of little children came up to us. This little girl asked
in her tiny British accent "Excuse me, are you a bible basher?" Hahaha I get into why this week was crazy. 
Transfers is coming up next week and let me tell you...we are not staying together. 
But before I go into the details, we got some news on Friday during lunch.
Our phone started ringing and it was the APs calling. 
When they call, you know shiz nit is about to go down! Haha 
Long story short...I'm preggers!! Haha!
 I got the call to be a trainer starting next transfer!! Ahhhh!! 
:o Super crazy! I'm pretty nervous! I'll be training here in Chelmsley Wood.
 And Elder Hill is going to Peterborough! My birth place! Haha

This transfer is a bit different as well. So, transfers are on Tuesday's
now (which means we get the news on transfers on Saturdays) But,
the new "greenies" don't come until the 29th of March. 
So there's a bit of a weird situation for the two weeks before then. 
I'll be paired up with someone else, who also is training, in Coventry. 
So I'll be in Coventry for two weeks serving there and there won't be any
missionaries at all here in Chelms for a couple of weeks. 
Kinda weird situation!

But Haha Man! It literally feels like I was just
trained! Like I said earlier, I'm a bit nervous for this! But it will
be quite the adventure! :D If any of you want to give me any advice
for training, feel free! I could use some:) haha Pretty eventful week
though!:) But yeah, that's about it really. Hope you all have a
fantastic week! Cheers mates!:)

Elder Wright



More of the Gates Band

Sup peeps!!:) I have officially hit my 7 month mark! 
Crazy beans man.
But yeah. So, as always....let us chat about the weather first! 
There was a day that had the absolute most ridiculous weather
 I've ever seen! Last Wednesday. 
I experienced all four seasons in one day. 
And even crazier it was in the time of about 20 minutes! :o 
We were traveling to a town called Coleshill in our area. T'was just kind of
overcast, a bit chilly. Then we began tracting and it got a bit
warmer, a tad bit of sunshine. Quite nice! But no joke, what I'm about
to say is a true story. Warm-ish weather and sun shining and then it
started snowing for like 15 seconds and then stopped again!! Hahaha!
And then afterwards the sun was shining bright and it was warm. Weird
stuff! Haha:)

Just so you know, the bike that I have been using up till now was a
secondhand bike I had received from the mission home.
 It had a couple of problems with it, not too major. 
I have been getting flat tires a lot lately, but it's not a 
normal puncture one would get in the tube.
The way the hole is situated on the rim of the wheel makes it easy to
cut the valve of the tube all the time! After that had happened a
couple of times as well as the other minor issues, I decided I better
buy a new bike. So I did! It's a good one as well:) 
I'm hoping to take good care of it so I can perhaps sell it to a missionary 
towards the end of my mission. I'm just kinda scared chavs will steal it because
it's nice! We have two nice bike locks that we use when locking up
now. Before I couldn't give two craps if anyone stole my bike but now
I'm taking extra precautions;D  Also another side story, Elder Hills
bike was locked up to a pole outside of the bike shop for a few days
when we were waiting for my bike to come in. When we came back to it,
there was pigeon poop ALL over his bike and the lock!!
 Haha Looks like that pigeon had a nice feast of curry. ;)

We were able to teach many doorstep lessons this week! 
We also found a couple of new investigators which seem pretty dang cool
 so I'm excited to start working with them!:) 
The story of the work here is literally everyone is busy.
 Investigators, members, you name it. The only people
that aren't busy working or something are all the chavs that don't
have jobs! Haha But hey, we keep pushing on because we don't want to
give up on Heavenly Father (sounds cheesy but it's true!). I think
patient perseverance is one of the more important tests of mortality.

One morning, we and a few members decided to help Solihull Council by
picking up rubbish in one of the public parks. 
And oh man, that was great! :D It's pretty sad what
 we as humans have done to destroy this beautiful earth God created! 
There is just so much rubbish everywhere here! 
So, it felt good to do something about it:) 
We were loving it though! 
T'was a nice little switch up from the usual stuff. :)

The past seven months has been some of the most important in my entire
life! I can't even begin to explain everything I have learned. I have
learned just how significant the Gospel of Christ is in our lives, and
I never truly understood until now!
 I seriously can't even describe it in words....sorry. 
 Thank you all for all the love and support!
Cheers mates! 
Oh! Snd happy English Mothers Day
Elder Wright

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