Monday, March 28, 2016

Work hard but also have a good time.

Ruins of Coventry Castle

Hey hey!! How's it goon? 
Things over here are going okay:) 
Coventry has been a blast!! Fun stuff indeed. 
I'll be heading back to the Hood this week though! Crazy beans man. 
Weather early this week was just kinda normal. 
We've been enjoying a few dry days in a row. Friday, the
weather was FANTASTIC. It was warm, no thermals, no fleece liner, so
nice:) But then Saturday came. Apparently there's a huge storm coming
this way so that's exciting (except for the biking through the wind
part. Haha) The weather the past couple of days hasn't been great but
hey!...helps you appreciate when the weather is good;D

So yeah, Coventry. 
Pretty cool place! A lot different experience compared to Chelms. 
Chelms is slower paced while over here is high speed man! 
It's cool having so many teams in the same area though:)
Sports in the morning is way cool! That is one thing I'll miss most
probably. Haha I mean, I guess we could get up early in Chelmsley Wood
and play football with the chavy bruvs buuuuut.....;)

It is very cool being able to talk with a bunch of Uni aged students!
We also taught some people from China which was pretty fun. 
And there are many many different cultures here in Coventry. 
(Side note for anyone wanting to visit England, Coventry
 is a cool place to visit! Many things to see) 
Actually one of the other Elders here in Coventry,
Elder Holbrook (from Utah) was called to England Birmingham Mission
Mandarin Chinese speaking! He's doing pretty well to be honest. He
and Sister Chen (from Taiwan) speak together sometimes.

Tuesday we had the trainers meeting at the mission home.
 That went well! I got some good council on how to prepare for this next step.
 A lot of talking about how they will feel, how important it is to be
obedient, how to be a good example to him, make him enjoy the first
couple transfers. What stood out to me was...
1) Be obedient 
2) Work hard but also have a good time with them. 
Help them enjoy their first couple months. 
It's been pretty cool to be able to look back on my
experience as a trainee and try to remember what it was like
 (it wasn't that long ago so it's not hard to think back that far;)) 
It's kind of weird thinking back on my first few months in Peterborough. 
It all just kind of seems like a dream.

Speaking of dreams and whatnot, I got a funny story for ya. The
other night, I woke up to Elder Hayes talking in his sleep.
 I was in my sleepy stupor and wasn't really paying attention. 
Finally, I looked over to see what he was doing. 
And what I found scared the flip crap out of me! 
I looked over to see him sitting on the edge of his bed
looking at me while talking. Imagine what a psychiatrist looks like
when he's sitting speaking with his patient. 
Yeah....that's what it looked like. 
And remember, he's not consciously doing any of this!
 He then said "Where's the phone." I was like "I don't know man."
He asked again and then laid back on his bed facing the opposite
direction one normally sleeps. 
It was hilarious!! Kinda creepy....but hilarious. :)

Like I said, I'm gonna miss this district. It's a fun one! 
I am happy I got to experience it for just a small while though:) 
Back to the Hood this week for training. 
I'm excited to get back into it though! 
I was able to speak with Teresa and Bill...some investigators
from Chelms. Bill was the one who came to church on the Sunday before
we left. Turns out he's been thinking about all of this a lot!! I'm
excited to see where that goes:) No matter how fun it was here in
Coventry, I'll be going back home to Chelmsley Wood. I'm excited to
head into this with my first born son!:D

Elder Hayes is a cool guy. A bit reserved, a bit awkward sometimes,
but he's a nice guy for sure! We had a great time:) He taught me some
good work ethic the past week or so. He's a hard worker! He will do a
fine job as district leader here in Cov. But yeah...if you guys want
to place bets on where my boy will be from, by all means go for it! We
heard one of them was coming from Fiji so it could be him!! :o Haha
Anyways, love you guys a ton. Thanks for all the support. 
Enjoy life....and oh!
 Say hi to Simply Blueberry Lemonade for me....I miss her. 
 Cheers mates.

Elder Wright

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