Monday, April 4, 2016

Back To The Hood

Hello all!! How's it going?? 
Things over here are pretty crazy man! 
So, I bet you are wondering who my boy is! 
Here we go.....drum roll please......his name is 
Elder Matus and he is from Oaxaca, Mexico!

Pretty cool stuff!:) He's a crazy little Mexican man. Living with
Latinos...very interesting. ;D But it's fun! He's 23 years old and he's
got a good testimony which is awesome! 
His English is pretty good,
there's still a language barrier sometimes. 
Funny enough, he speaks German as well. 
So hey....if we ever need to teach someone in
 "the celestial language", I'm all set!!;D haha

He, like most missionaries, is a little bit shy when it comes to
talking to people at first so, we are trying to talk to a lot of
people on the streets, at bus stops, and at train stations. 
All the good stuff:) I told him that at the beginning of my mission, it was
difficult for me to speak to people and I was pretty shy. 
I think it gave him a bit of confidence helping him know that he's not the only
one! It's funny though because he's been complaining lately about his
shins and feet being sore when we walk. :P Haha!
 Better get used to it buddy! But yeah, we're doing ok. 
He can be a bit crazy sometimes, but it makes it fun throughout the day!

It's been fun to come back to Chelmsley Wood:) 
It was like coming home!
 Coventry was way fun though. I'll be honest, 
I miss the Coventry district a ton! They were way fun:) 

But hey, back to the Hood. We've been on the bus the past week 
because we are waiting to buy Matus a
wheel for his bike. Haha Good stuff though!

We had a funny experience with a group of young-ins one day. 
As we were walking, this giant group of probably like 9-10 year old boys
 are like "Are you guys American!? Are you Jehovahs!?" 
So we talked to them! They got a kick out of my accent and all the
 American phrases we use. Haha! 
Then they challenged us to a game of football, so we
accepted! It was pretty fun not gonna lie!:) It was good for Elder
Matus as well because he was feeling a bit down. 
After that, he was all skipping around because he felt like a celebrity.
 Hahaha Funny guy!

Conference was pretty good!! Uchtdorf is hilarious man. 
 He was making all sorts of jokes. 
Some of the talks I liked: 
Gary E Stevenson, 
Russell M Nelson (priesthood), 
Dieter F Uchtdorf. 
They were all good, but theirs stood out!:) 
(Sometimes Dale G Renlund reminds me of the actor John Malkovich. Hahaha)

On P Day last week in Coventry, we went to an authentic Chinese place
for lunch. We ordered the food and everything and it came out with
chopsticks. I didn't want to be "that guy" that asked for the fork and
spoon so I determined I would finally learn how to use chopsticks.
 And man, I've never been more exhausted
 after eating a meal in my entire life!! Haha

There is a less active here named Anne. She is someone Elder
Hill and I saw on the ward list about a month ago and decided to go
by. We were able to teach her a bit and set up a ride for her to come
to church. She wants to come out again and wants to stay motivated
this time. Anyways, she has been to church every week since! It's
super cool:) Elder Matus and I stopped by after we got back and had a
good lesson with her. She brought up some concerns on how she doesn't
know where to start in the BoM so we gave her a little chart with
some reading topics and stuff, which she was much appreciative of! 
It's been a really cool story:) She wouldn't have come to church
at all if it wasn't for the members that fellowship her and give her a
ride. It's been a cool display of missionary/member work actually working!:)

I do marvel at the faith of the greenies!
 It's pretty dang cool! 
It was funny though because one morning we got a potential investigator.
Later that day in a comp prayer, Elder Matus said in broken English
"We thank you that you open the gates of heaven that we could find
potential investigator." It was funny! 
But it does kinda serve a cool lesson:)

Yeah, things are okay! I've been stressing a bit lately about
everything but that's life, innit. 
Anyways, sure love you all! 
Thanks for everything. 
Hasta semana!:)

Elder Wright

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