Monday, April 18, 2016

I love my mission, I love England, and I love the English people!

Sup guys!!:) Y'alright?
 This week was a pretty good week!
 We had a fun week because it was the Challenge Week!! 
But before we get into that, of course, let's talk weather. ;) 
Bit of the same stuff really. 
There were a couple of way warm days where we were walking
 around in just the white shirts, but then the temp dropped a ton! 
It snowed one morning, which was fun for Elder Matus! 
He's never seen snow before!!
So that was fun stuff:)

So here's a list of all the challenges for the various different days.
And just to clarify, each challenge is worth 1 point and it only
applies for the day of. Here we go:
1. 7 selfies with random people. Haha That was fun.
2. Hand written "thank you" note to member of ward council.
3. 2 new investigators.
4. Pres. Challenge: 4 potentials.
1. 2 part member stop bys.
2. Dance off with someone and film it.
3. 1 member present lesson.
1. Commit 6 people to church.
2. Ask someone to draw a portrait of you on a pass along card.
3. Take a member "finding" with you for at least 30 minutes.
4. Pres. Challenge: Place 3 BoMs.
1. Stroke 10 different cats.
2. Have 3 members put testimonies in BoM and you place it that day.
3. 2 new people committed to a baptismal date.
1. Contact 2 referrals
2. 2 new family investigators
3. 5 DAs set up for the next week
4. Pres. Challenge: 2 member stop bys.

The challenges were way cool! 
They were designed to help us stretch our potential
 and shoot for specific things. And it helped a ton!
 It helped me realize that we should be expecting and working towards
miracles everyday in missionary work. :) It helped me understand truly
the importance of the daily goals we set too! We should always be
striving to work toward our goals. It was way fun! :) 
We had some good moments for sure! 
The 7 selfies....hahaha Luckily that day, there were Dominos Pizza
 workers dressed as super heroes so we were able to
get a few pics with them!!  We got someone to draw a portrait of
Elder Matus and I and we hung it up on the wall in our flat. :D 

We had cool experiences looking for families to teach. 
 We went through the area book and found a bunch of potentials 
that mentioned they were families and went by them. 
None of them bore fruit, but we were able
to find families in the areas of those potentials! We kept looking for
clues, like mini vans in the drives or toys in the yards. 
And lo and 
behold, we found two potential families to teach! 
T'was way cool:) And we got members involved in specifically
 praying for families to teach
so it was fun seeing those prayers answered!

We had exchanges this past week and I stayed here with Elder Quesada.
(What's with me being with all these dudes that speak Spanish!? Haha)
Elder Matus went to Nuneaton with Elder Pederson and boy oh
boy....hahaha Elder Pederson is one of those guys that's SO sarcastic
all the time he seems really rude.
 Elder Matus isn't quite used to that level of sarcasm....lets just say 
he was happy when exchange was
over;D haha

Other than that though, 'twas a pretty normal week! We're having some
fun!:) It's kinda crazy though because with the way that the transfers
are now, I'm training Elder Matus for only 6 more weeks! :o 
Holy flip, man...time flies. I just want to say, I love my mission, I love
England, and I love the English people! Sometimes it just hits you, I'm walking the streets of England preaching the word of
God!! Crazy, crazy lucky:) 
Anyways, I hope all is well with you guys!
Cheers mates.

Elder Wright

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