Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Peace. Love. Cheers.

Hey hey all! :) How's it goin?? 
Welcome back to the account of my life over here in the British Isles:)
 The weather lately has been pretty crazy (surprise, surprise). 
There were a couple days where we were able
to wear just our white shirts, which was awesome!! But, then it got
freezing cold again.
 A couple of good wet days, which was good for Elder Matus to experience!
 "Welcome to Britain Elder." Haha!

Things are starting to lighten up a bit:) 
We have quite different personalities, 
but it's fun to build on the common stuff! 
For instance, the Spanish do the same thing to him that the
 British do to me in that they profess that their accent is the 
"original" language and that we just messed it up. 
We have some fun laughs about that!
 But yeah, it's going alright:)

The first part of the week was spent walking around 
because we had to get Elder Matus' bike fixed at a bike shop! 
Eventually we got the bike fixed and now were cruising
 around the Hood in style;)  Oh how I do love bikes on the mish.

The past week was pretty good! :) We saw a lot of less actives.
I'm bummed though because there's one less active that we started
getting back to church pretty regularly but she's now on holiday for
two weeks! Hopefully she does okay while she's away:) We gave her a
cool little list of scriptures she can read when she's gone.
We had a super cool experience with one of the less actives named
Constantine. Our WML was telling us we needed to go by soon. 
So we decided to go on a certain day. 
When we got there, she had a friend over.
We got talking about things a little bit and her friend started taking
interest! Long story short, we ended up teaching her about the
restoration right there with Constantine!! It was way fun!:) 
It was a cool uplifting/energising experience for Elder Matus 
(heck...and me!).
 It was super cool because at the end (Huguette is her name) Huguette
asked US when we could meet up next!
 So we're going to see her on Tuesday!:D 
Super duper awesome!

Thursday was zone meeting for us, which was pretty good!! 
Our zone is so culturally diverse, it's awesome! Here's a list of all the
countries that missionaries are from in the Coventry zone:
 'Merica, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Taiwan, Germany,
Italy, Spain, Norway, Holland, and Zimbabwe!! 
Pretty sweet man:)

This coming week is an England Birmingham Mission challenge week!
Every day you get a set of challenges you just complete. Each is worth
a point. There are three categories:
 1) Best companionship 
2) Best district 
3) Best zone. 
There's a reward for each category. It's cool stuff though! :) 
They start off pretty easy and get progressively
harder. It makes it fun! So I'm excited about that:) 

Anyways, sure love you all!! 
Thanks for everythang you do. 
Peace. Love. Cheers.

Elder Wright

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