Monday, May 30, 2016

"A Birthday Present From God!"

Hey all!! How it goin?? :) 
T'was a pretty decent week this week! 
We enjoyed a couple of really nice days as far as weather goes! 
Then on Wednesday, the temp dropped like crazy! 
Like, back to coat the end of May. Gotta love it! 
 I bet you may be wondering where I went as a result of transfers!! 
You will be pleased to hear that I am indeed staying in 
Chelmsley Wood for at least 7 more weeks!
My fifth transfer here! Haha!
 But hey, I'm totally alright with it to be honest!

I truly do love the area! It's one of those areas that grows on ya
after a while. Really each area is what you make of it. It's to the
point now where I know the streets in the area better than most of the
members here because everyday were constantly biking around it!! 
All the short cuts and all. It could be better but it could also be a
lot worse! So there's nothing to complain about. :)

Paul, the not so new investigator, is doing well still!! The nice
thing with him (unlike our other investigators!) is he's not working
right now so we're able to see him quite a bit!:)  It's been cool
as well because every time we go, we take a member with us to start
that fellowshipping going. It's been a good experience for the members
as well! During fast and testimony meeting, a couple of them got up
and mentioned the experience they had teaching, so it was a good thing
for them:) D&C 50:22. How true it is!

So hey, fun the beginning of the mission I started a deep
study of the Book of Mormon, reading the institute manual and all that
jazz. I finally finished!! :D And oh man, was that a cool experience!
I love that book so much! Growing up I never truly had a strong
testimony of the power of the scriptures. But now I could say I have a
passion for them!:D So cool..

This week was Elder Matus' birthday!!:) My boy is 24 years old today.
( does that work) haha! It was a good b-day for him! We did a
Big Johns lunch and had some delicious kebabs and fish n chips:D

OOHHHH yeah. And it just so happened that we had dinner with his
favourite fam in the ward! Oh, and kind of a funny story, Elder
Matus has been wanting a new tie lately, since the tie is really the
only thing we can do to switch up our look. One day we were walking
and there was this really nice really nice!...just laying
in the grass! We were like "A birthday present from God!" Haha!'s good stuff. :)

Here's a funny little experience we had walking home from church. We
came across this black lady and started talking to her a bit. I could
sense maybe something was just off with her. Haha Anyways, after it
wasn't going anywhere, we bid her farewell and wished her a great day!
As we were walking away, she starts singing and dancing all crazy just
right there in public! Hahaha It was pretty funny to watch!:) I love
meeting the crazies.

Anyways, the week was alright!:) Pretty much the same stuff other than
what I told you in this letter. Oh! I forgot to tell you the changes to
the district!  Elder Pedersen is leaving to Eastwood and we are
getting an Elder Davis, who is in my MTC group. Woo hoo!
 Anyways, I love ya peeps!:) 
Hope your days are bright...cheers mates.

Elder Wright


What's up guys!! How's it going?? 
All is well over here. Twas a pretty decent week! :) 
The weather ultimately was okay-ish. As good as it can
be.  We enjoyed a couple days of sunshine. It's amazing how the
weather affects ya! I've never appreciated the sun more until now.
It's always fun to talk to the British about the weather.  When
you don't know what to talk about the weather!!

One of the members here said something pretty dang funny at dinner
the other night! For the spiritual thought, we were talking about the
blessings of the temple. We got into the topic of baptisms for the
dead. Then this member told us "I heard the Catholic Church has
started to do baptisms for the dead!" We were like "Oh really?" And he
told us "Yeah, they put sprinklers next to the graves." Hahaha!
 It was hilarious!

By far the highlight of this week was teaching Paul, our new
investigator from last week!! He is doing fantastic! We actually
taught him twice this week. Once on Tuesday,  where we talked more in
depth about Moroni's promise. Then on Friday, we taught him with
Bishop there. (which was great to have him there!) We taught him about
the Plan of Happiness and purpose of life, why trials, etc. He's doing
so well! I'm wishing upon a star that he can keep progressing!:) haha!
Everything else really is the same ol same ol. Working with the less
actives trying to boost their faith:) Good stuff man.

We had exchange this week. I went to Nuneaton with Elder Pedersen. We
went and visited one of their recent convert members named Jason. This
guy is hilarious! He told us about this time in his life where
"things were going nowhere." So he decided he would "take a walk".
Initially his plan was to walk to the next town (he was in Dorchester,
south England). So he did, and then decided to go to the next town. He
kept going until he flipping ended up in Scotland!!  Straight up
walked from south England to Scotland! Jason is the real life British
version of Forrest Gump. Sooo funny! :D (One of the funny
things about the mission is you meet some very, very funny/unique people)

Hey so this is awkward...You know how I told ya about Elder Matus last
week running into a parked car?? Yeahhh....guess what. Karma!! It
happened to me! Haha Let me explain. We were riding down a side street
and I was talking on the phone while riding. I looked back and saw a
car coming behind me so I swerved to get out of the way and hit a car
that was on the side of the road. Luckily nothing on the car was
damaged. The guy came out and he was super nice about it! But
yeah...haha Nothing on me was hurt but my pride.. ;)

I'm really loving this area!:) It's not the easiest of areas
but I think in challenging moments you have the opportunity to learn A
LOT. And that is how's it's been here! DL is going okay! Sometimes it
can be a bit stressful because you're responsible for your area and
for the other missionaries' area, and the zone leaders are sometimes
hounding ya about the numbers. But's all a good learning
experience!:) If you're thinking about a mission, I would highly
recommend it! Anyways, I sure love ya all! Hope all is fantastic:) 
We shall speak in a weeks time. 

Elder Wright

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