Monday, May 16, 2016

Ask the missionaries, they can help you!

Hey, hey! How's it goin?? 
It's Elder Wright here, and let me just say 
can't believe how fast time flies sometimes!! It's so weird. 
Some days are so long but overall I can't believe how fast it's going. 
I've been in Chelmsley longer than I had been on my mission before I got here.
It doesn't seem like it!! Haha Anyways, here's the account of my week!
The weather has been quite nice really! :D There were two days where
it pretty much didn't stop raining for the entirety of the two days
but other than that, it's been good!

This week was full of doing service, which was awesome! Now that the
weather is getting better, peeps are wanting to get all the outside
stuff done:) haha "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" And they
did! We helped a member build a shed. We helped another member put new
fencing panels in their garden. And then lastly we helped a member cut
her grass. That one was funny. Haha Her lawn mower was so dinky and
her grass was so long, which didn't make for a good combination! Haha
That was pretty funny:) But yeah, service is the best! For a couple
reasons....firstly and less significant, you get to dress in normal
clothes;) Haha And lastly, service really helps you feel better!
Seeing people so grateful for such small things to be honest is so
cool and totally cleanses your soul! :) It's good stuff.

Elder Matus is doing good! He's a good guy. He's getting used to the
whole mission life and everything and he's settling in good! He's
starting to feel more confident sharing in lessons and whatnot, so
it's good! Earlier this week when we were biking, he was looking down
at his chain and accidentally ran into a car parked on the side of the
road. Haha He's okay though (that's why I'm laughing!) I think it was
quite a humbling experience for him! (It kinda reminds me of when my
trainer was riding his bike and accidentally put his foot through his
front wheel and flew over the handlebars. Haha)

Friday was my birthday!! Yahoo!:) It was a great birthday! We went and
got a little apple pie at TFC (fast food chain) for the bday. Mmmm
Also one of the less actives gave me a little cupcake and a card. Haha
I think the best gift of all though was a sweet new investigator!! He
seems pretty solid! I'm hoping we can progress with him a lot. But
yeah...good day:)

We were expecting a lot of less actives at church. We thought for sure
Thomas Witts would come (since he overcame his fear last week and
came!) but nope...surprise surprise! We did have one less active at
church though which I think was good for her! :) Every week there's a
hope that the people we invite will come...I was reading Moroni 6
which talks a lot about the purpose of church and why it's even there.
So good! Hopefully these guys can overcome their fears and whatnot and
come to the spiritual feast of church!! Haha

DL is going alright! It's pretty fun being district leader! A little
bit of responsibility but not too too much. I like that:) haha The
district is doing good! We're all trying to get more investigators,
because we're lacking a bit in that area. They started doing these
"minimum standards of excellence". Basically if we don't hit the
minimum standards for the week, the ZLs exchange in our area. If it
keeps happening through the weeks, eventually the APs exchange in your
area. If it continues even more, WE GET SENT HOME!!!..........hahaha
jkjk. The ZLs told me that over the phone when they were explaining it
and I was like "WHAT?!" They were only kidding. We said that in zone
meeting and it was hilarious to see the missionaries faces when we
told them that:P

Well that's about it really!! Overall a pretty decent week!:) Hope you
all doing fine over there! Have a most fantastic week dudes! Cheerio

Elder Wright

Wazz up guys!! How it going?? This week was a pretty good week for
sure! For a majority of the week, we enjoyed some pretty good weather!
Nice and sunny, the temp started to pick up a bit which is lovely
beyond measure:D Mmmm! There was a weird day was nice and
beautiful and then literally out of nowhere we hear thunder. And then
it started to down pour! Haha Soakage.

This week was very much full of teaching the less actives were working
with! And we were able to see some fruits:) Our goal for the rest of
the month is to reactivate 2 less actives, so we've been going by a
lot of them trying to teach them. So let's talk about Thomas Witts.
He's an older guy that joined about 5-6 years ago. But he's always had
problems with always having questions and doubts. And of course it's
normal to have questions and it's important to always seek out
answers. But this quote I think helps a lot: "When adversity comes,
don’t let something you don’t fully understand unravel everything you
do know." And that's what he struggles with! We've been meeting with
him for about 5 months working on him, trying to strengthen his
testimony and whatnot. There were loads of ups and downs for him in
the course of this 5 months. But he finally came to church this week!!
We were walking to church and we saw him in his suit drive past us. We
were like "Yes!!" I just had to go give him a big hug. Haha Also an
important part to realise in this is some of the member fellowship he
got as well! He would not have come if some of the other members
didn't come and visit him. It's good stuff man!

All the other ones were working with right now are slowly making
progress, but hey! It's going in the right direction:) We started
teaching a new person named Jackie. She was a former investigator so
we went by to see if she was still interested and sure enough she was
open to talk! She's an older lady and rages quite a bit on her
neighbours because they're always smoking weed and the smell gets all
over her house. One time we went over, I'm pretty sure she was high on
the secondhand. Haha Not sure how that's going to go.. But yeah! Our
solid investigators were both either out of town or super busy with
work...again. Flippn work man! It's of the devil!;D haha

Earlier in the week, we had exchanges with the zone leaders. Both of
us went to Coventry to work with them! It was pretty fun! We taught
some Chinese girls the restoration which was way fun. I flippn love
the Chinese!! They're so cool! Haha They get way excited and
enthusiastic over the funniest things:P funny! But yeah! I
served with Elder Mthethwa from South Africa. We had a blast! I always
like serving with older missionaries because you learn a lot more with
them! :) We taught one of their investigators named Jasmine. She's got
her PhD, way smart but it's almost to the point where she's a bit
crazy. She told us at the end of the lesson that she got an answer
that the Book of Mormon was definitely NOT true. We were like
"Hmmm...have you read from the Book of Mormon?" She told us no, but
that she wants to stick with what she does know (referring to the
Bible), which is funny because she rarely even reads that. Haha Some
people...but hey! It helps the other Elders be able to drop her for a
bit and start finding those that are ready!

And of course for Mothers Day, I got to Skype the fam!! It was so fun
to be able to see them and talk with them!:D I always love that. I
love you family!! Thanks for all you guys do:) Anyways, that was about
my week. Hope your week was swell as well! Cheers mates!

Elder Wright


Hey hey hey!! Sup mates:) I can't believe it's already MAY!! Holy
sheep time flies. This week was okay! All exciting stuff for sure!
Changes to the district here....the sisters both left. Quesada left
and we got Elder Opheikens from Utah (sounds like he should be from
Germany or something but nope...good ol Utah. Haha) 4 man district,
which is way fun! :) We had district meeting for the first time here
in the Hood which was way nice. But yeah! Weather has been cray-cray
for sure. Funny story with we go. So one day we were out
finding and we looked in the distance and saw this giant storm cloud
moving our way. I was like "Elder Matus that thing is headed this way!
Get ready!" He was like "Come on don't know that! You're not
God." I was like "Alright man...I bet ya that it'll start raining in
10 minutes!" And sure enough, almost to the exact second, it started
raining! I was all laughing and I told him "You don't have to be God
to tell that that thing was coming for us!" Haha He didn't quite find
it as funny as I did;P

We're doing good though!! He's a fun little man! We've been starting
to mesh now for a bit so it's getting much betta:) We have fun! There
was one morning he woke up all depressed and he told me he dreamt that
we got split up and had to say goodbye and he was like "Man, we have
to make the rest of our time together great." So that's a good sign!

This week was my first district meeting. I hope it went alright! We
played a get to know ya game and had some training on "Our purpose"
tied in with "A Successful Missionary and Goal Setting". Fun stuff
man:) It was nice and chill. We got the comfy rollie desk chairs from
the clerks office and had a good ol time:)

The weekend was spent going over to Nuneaton a couple of times because
they had a baptism this weekend!:) Friday, I was able to interview the
guy for baptism and then Saturday we went again to the baptismal
service! It was way cool! Good guy...fellow ginga as well;) haha The
zone leaders came to the baptism as well and our new zone leader is
Elder Smith whom I served with in Nottingham!! So that was fun to
reunite with him and reminisce on some good times:) This week was full
of "firsts" First district meeting, first baptismal interview, first
call ins as DL. The mission is all a learning experience for sure:) So

The work is still kinda meh here. We haven't really been able to see
our more solid investigators because they've been way busy with work
and illness..:/ But yeah! We set some nice goals and plans for the
coming week! Hopefully we can begin to see some fruits:) We have been
trying different types of finding. One of which is just helping people
with like yard work outside and stuff:) It was cool though because we
were walking down this road one day and saw this lady out working in
the garden. We said "Hey! Would you like any help??" She kindly
rejected our offer but we began talking more with her. Then she said
"Maybe I'll come back down to the church one of these times." We were
like "So are you pretty familiar with the church?" She said "I'm a
member!" That surprised us!! Haha She's a less active member and said
she wants to make it down one of these time. It was a poor job on our
end because we forgot that that weekend was stake conference in
Coventry. She later told one of the members that she showed up on
Sunday but no one was there! Dang it!! Haha So hopefully we can start
working with her and help her along:)

Anyways, that's about it really!:) Thanks all for the support! Enjoy
the sunshine:.( haha;) jkjk But seriously.... Cheers butts!

Elder Wright

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