Wednesday, June 29, 2016

After a nice bike ride through the country, we went back and ate at a the dream!

What's up!! How it goin?? :)
 This was an alright week I guess! 
It started off pretty slow, but eventually it picked up a bit! 
We experienced some crazy, crazy weather earlier this week. 
A random hail storm in the middle of the week!
It was very crazy because literally 30 
min after it happened it was sunny and hot. 
But ya know...
that's how it is over here! Haha!
 I took a video so hopefully it gets to ya! :)


Sorry if this email isn't too long.
I'm struggling to think of anything spectacular to talk about. 
We had zone conference this week with President!:) 
We received good training on "pulling the yoke together"
...whether it's with companion, the ward members, 
literally in any phase of the work you should all be working
together to help pull it along! It was good stuff.

We had a real fun Pday today! We biked with one of the members out
past a town called Maxstoke to see the nice English countryside.
Mmmm....never gets old! I'll send some pics I took;) After a nice bike
ride through the country, we went back and ate at a
the dream! Haha I love England.

Not too many stories to share this week unfortunately. The work is
still going. We've taught Paul and we're happy to hear that
he's living the Word of Wisdom as of now, so that's way cool! 
STILL struggling to commit to church but other than that...he's way good!:)
And Teresa is well also...still progressing! :) We're hoping to have a
good conversation about baptism with her so wish us luck! sorry this is about it really!:/ 
Better luck next week though.
 I hope you all are having a grand old summer!
 Enjoy the week and best wishes:) 
Ta ta.

Elder Wright

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