Monday, June 6, 2016

The smell of cake flowed into my nostrils for a good half hour:D

Sup guys!! How you been?? 
I hope the weather is sort of normal back
home!...because over here it's mental!  Early in the
week it was cold, Tuesday was a very wet depressing day. 
That carried on until a few days later when it started to warm up!
 And now, today was BEAUTIFUL weather:) 
Warmth, blue skies, etc. (The types of things
you don't appreciate until you live somewhere like the UK) Haha

This week was overall a pretty great week! :) We had a couple of
funnies. There's this old couple named David and Iris that live
here. We visit them every so often, and the funniest thing about them
is they play Xbox together!! They're like in their 80's!  Iris
was describing when she was "stuck on a level" and "people were
shooting at me". It was sooo funny to hear this old woman describe her
Xbox adventures. Haha :) Also, I was in the car with Bro. Kitsell and
I looked out the window and saw a Hobbit house door! So the
next day we biked over there and did a bit of finding. 
(Knocking on doors in the Shire;)

We finally got to see Teresa again!!! She's the one a while back I was
telling ya about. She's still way solid, she has just been soo busy
lately. Like, crazy, crazy, busy. Hopefully things lighten up a bit for
her soon!:) But she's cool. We talked to her on the doorstep for a
while. (and it was nice because she bakes cakes, so the smell of cake
flowed into my nostrils for a good half hour:D ) It was good to
finally catch up with her and hear she's doing okay:) She said she
should be able to come, her and Bill, to church next week. Keep the
fingers crossed! We are also still teaching Paul, such a lad! He just
needs to be able to realize the significance of coming out to church
on a Sunday. Otherwise, he's legit:)

There was a bit more persecution this week than usual.
 I don't know why. I guess the Lord is trying our patience. 
 A group of chavy bruvs were talking to us, making fun of us. 
It was ridiculously pathetic though! 
They were just like "Jesus ain't real! Why do you
believe in that crap!" I just asked them "Why don't you believe!?"
Their arguments were pathetic. Just makes ya feel pity for
them.  Another time we were biking and this car of chavy bruvs
drove past and squirted water (I hope) on us. Haha!

A sign I made for the bathroom door. Get it?

This week we also decided to pop by one of the guys we were
teaching a while back who is an alcoholic. Things weren't progressing
well with him so we stopped seeing him for a bit. But he's such a nice
guy!:) He's the type of drunk that doesn't get angry or aggressive, he
just gets really goofy. Anyways, we popped by and boy....this
time I felt a great deal of compassion for him and I sincerely wanted
to help him with his issues. (Which is something I honestly didn't
feel for him when we were first teaching him) He has had a really,
really tough life. It's things like that that help you view life with a
different perspective. What you think are problems are mere stones
compared to the boulders some are burdened with. It truly makes you
think... I hope in some way we can help him come unto Christ and
experience that "lifting of heavy burdens" that He so graciously

We had a special treat this week. :) We had a tri-stake conference
with Elder Dallin H Oaks!! It was way cool! I always love when General
Authorities speak I smaller settings because they're more inclined to be
real people and joke around and laugh. It was great! Also
President Kearon of the Area Seventy was there. These are some of the
quotations/notes I wrote down:

"One of the best ways to create vibrant faith is to reach out to those
in need." -President Kearon
"The good feeling we get when we gather on a Sunday never lasts if we
don't act when we depart." -President Kearon
"In the pre existence, all of us fought for the Saviour. When we take
the sacrament and take His name upon us, He fights for us!" -Sister
"What I say is less important than what the Spirit will tell your
heart. Listen." -Elder Oaks
Elder Oaks' mother was a widow that was poor. Growing up, his mother
earned 100 dollars a month and payed 10 dollars every single month for
tithing. One day, little Dallin asked his mother why she payed so much
money to the church. This was her response. "There may be people that
are rich enough to not pay tithing. We are poor, and we need the Lords
promised blessings."

It's always a wonderful illuminating experience being able to learn
from a witness of Christ! It's so cool:) Overall it was a
great week! Time flies for sure! I've been on the mission for 10
months to the day today! Crazy, crazy! :) At the conference, I was able
to reunite with some pals from a while ago. Elder Du Plessis, from my
first area! I hadn't seen him in over 7 months! It was fun to see him
for sure. I hope all is well with you peeps! :) 
Have a most bodacious week. 

Elder Wright

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