Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We had a fun miracle this week which reconfirmed to me that God is very much involved in His work.

Wazz up my friends!:) 
This week was pretty dang good to be honest!!
There was loads of awesomeness going on! 
But as always, let's talk about the rubbish we call weather. 
This week has been sooo wet!! 
It literally didn't stop raining for 3-4 days. 
During one of those days, it was flooding pretty bad. 
I was with a member on splits and came across
a car stuck in a river of water on the road. 
We got out of the car and helped push the guy out! 
 My shoes are slowly drying over the radiator in our flat;)
 It's been alright though! Fun adventures.

One day we decided to switch things up a bit, so we biked to a town
called Coleshill which we don't normally go to.

 It's a posh little English village. 
Not a ton happened there though! 
They were very rich people (who can be somewhat prideful sometimes). 
One of the old guys was wearing a toupee...I didn't know people 
still wore those for reals!! Haha! But yeah, it was nice to have something new!:)

We had two great lessons with our investigators. 
First lesson was with Paul. He's still doing alright! 
He's continuing to read and think about the gospel a lot, 
but he's struggling at the moment to commit to coming to church.
We set a goal with him to shoot for next week, so let's hope!! 
We also taught Teresa one night (who came to church again!) 
with our bishop and helped her with some of her concerns. 
If we can see her regularly and have her come to church regularly, it'll be great!:) 
We taught Thomas Witts again but unfortunately he's on a low point right
now. Loads of concerns about certain things. 
We eventually just testified of the Saviour and advised him 
to make sure Christ is the foundation of his testimony! 
We showed him the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb"
(which is great...I would highly recommend watching it;)) The Spirit
was very strong in that lesson! Let's just hope on his own time he can
keep on pushing through it! :)

We had a fun miracle this week as well, which reconfirmed to me that
God is very much involved in His work. 

We were on a bus to go to the Coleshill train station to exchange 
with the Nuneaton Elders. On the bus, we got a call from 
the other guys saying they missed their train.
We decided to get off and knock on some doors. We followed our
feelings after praying for guidance and came to a little stretch of
three houses. The first one.....nada. The second one.....yyyeeee-no.
Then the third one....we got talking to this really cool guy. We
talked about his religious life and answered some of his questions. We
told him a bit about the Plan of Salvation and set up a time to see
him the next week! He's a cool guy!:) It was super cool and it all
started with those other guys missing their train. Because of that, we
met our new investigator. The Lord truly either leads us to those that are ready
 or puts them into our path:)

We had a few things to try to help the district out this week! First,
we had district meeting. I focused the training on fear vs. faith,
then we set the goals for the coming transfer. We had good input from
all the Elders in the district and it motivated us to work real hard
this next transfer!:) Then we had some district finding in Nuneaton to
try to help them out (the ZLs showed up too. It was way fun to have 6
missionaries walking around in their town centre talking to people!).
And, finally I had exchange with Elder Davis (from my group) which was
pretty good stuff!

I think that's about it really! If I remember anything else that was
noteworthy, well...I won't be able to let you know if it comes to me. ;)
 Sorry mates. Until next week! 
I love ya guys and hope you're enjoying the summer over there! 
(By the's June 20th??! Where does the time go..) 
Cheers guys! :)

Elder Wright

June 13, 2016

Sup peeps!! I'm back! 
This week went by way seems like I was
just here writing my email last week! Crazy crazy:) 
This week was pretty good!! It's been pretty dang warm that's for sure! 
Some of the members are like "You guys are from Arizona and Mexico, 
you should be used to this!" There's a couple things about this. Firstly, I never
used to bike around for miles in suit trousers and a full backpack.
And lastly, it's a different kind of heat here. Arizona is a dry
oven heat and over here it's humid, which makes it seem much hotter
than the temperature actually is. So yeah! The nice thing is the rain
and clouds will cool ya off a bit:D

It was nice, last Monday we didn't have a dinner appointment set.
Right as we got to our flat, a member called us and invited us over
for dinner. Yay blessings!! They're into the Lord of the Rings
as well, so I got the chance to go on their keyboard and play some of
the Lord of the Rings songs! Even better about it, you could set it to choirs and strings, which added to the effect! We were cracking
up:D haha It was a good ol time...

On Tuesday, we biked over to Water Orton to go by an older family we
tracted into a while back. They are way cool people! They love going
over to America and seeing the different places. We talked a while
about San Francisco (one of my favourite places) and about the BUSH
MAN! Hahaha They were like "Yeah we'd just sit and watch him scare
people forever." I was like "Me too!!" Haha They gave us a big bag of
Jack Links beef jerky, which was delicious. :D That is something
that I have missed...they don't believe in beef jerky here.

There was a certain morning that I was struggling a bit...the day
was going slow, not much happening, so we decided to lift our spirits
by going to visit Godfrey, that newly returned member. And boy was
that a pick me up! It was nice to be able to just explore the gospel
with this member. His motivation and energy about the gospel was
pretty motivating and inspiring! That legend of a man. :) Lately we've
been sharing points from a certain Ensign talk that I would highly
recommend to you guys if you want to think more about happiness! It's
from February 2016 and its entitled "What Can the Book of Mormon Teach
Us About Happiness?" It's got some cool principles! :)

One day, Elder Matus was leading me to a street that he had picked to
tract. Along the way, I kinda got thinking about something. I had no
idea where he was taking me, and in my mind it made the journey seem
longer, because I had no idea where the finishing point would be. I
don't know if you've ever noticed that before! It's similar with
hiking. If you've never done the trail and aren't too familiar with
the distance and whatnot, it can make the journey a bit harder on the
mind! Well it's the same with the mortal journey! If you have a good
view of where you want to end up, that finishing line, it can help us
along that journey. I am a firm believer of needing a DAILY reminder
of who we really are and our divine potential. It creates that proper
perspective we all need!:) Anyways, just some thoughts;)

We had exchanges this week, which was great! I was with Elder
Opheikens and went to Nuneaton for the day.

 Man, that was nice:) Were hoping to help those guys build 
something up in their area because it's lacking a bit. 
But! The ward members in Nuneaton are way cool! We
went to their ward council and had a good time talking over things.
They talked a lot on how their ward is doing when it comes to Sabbath
Day observance. In the conference with Oaks, he talked about how the
first presidency and quorum of the twelve are thinking that if we
improve our Sabbath Day observance, than the plateau that the church
is on will hopefully start moving up! There were some good ideas there
though. But yeah, the exchange was mighty fine. :)

We had a cool miracle this week! We've been trying to find
new investigators here. Well on Sunday, one of the older ladies in the
ward was walking to church and started talking to this girl. Turns out
the girl was interested in the church so they both walked together to
the church! When they got to the church, we met her and talked for a
bit and set up a time to teach later in the week! It was awesome:) And
Teresa was finally able to make it to church again!! So it ended out
to be a pretty good week with loads of little miracles.

I think that is about it for now folks:) 
Enjoy the rest of your week!
Love ya tons!! 
Ta ta.

Elder Wright

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