Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I love music, and few things are better than having a successful improv jam sesh!

Hey, hey!! What is up my peeps! :) 
This week was pretty good!! Not bad at all. 
The weather has been pretty much the same really. 
Nothing new there..just craziness. 
So, yeah, no need to really waste time with that
this week. ;)

We had a lot of cool things happen!!
 We've REALLY been trying to find new people to
teach but it can be a struggle sometimes. Well we thought about it and
figured it would be a good idea to look for a miracle through former
investigators! One day, we were going by formers, probably a list of like
20 peeps. Anyways, long story short, the very last person we went by,
the lady answered. She said that right now she's in a rough time in
her life. We were like "Hmmm...Plan of Salvation!" Taught her and set
up a time to see her Tuesday night this week! Woo hoo! 

Thursday we had some zone meeting action! It was super good and
spiritual as always but I want to talk about something we did during
lunch after it. There was an elder from Idaho (Elder Fullmer) who was
over at the piano playing some stuff (he's way good by the way!) I
went over and we were talking for a while and I was listening to him
jam. Part of the way through we decided to jam together. So we decided
on a key and went for it!! It was a TON of fun! :D 
I love music and few things are better than having a 
successful improv jam sesh! :) 
Haha! Anyways, that was just a bit of fun!

After zone meeting, Elder Matus and I stayed in Coventry because we
were on exchanges with the ZLs. I was with Elder Smith (it brought us
back to the good ol times in Nottingham!:D) It was awesome! We had
some good times on exchange! :) I'll mention one experience...we were
knocking doors and came to this one. The lady answered and right away
was like "I'm Catholic and am very busy!" I don't know what we did or
said but somehow we got talking to her...eventually it led into the
gospel and we taught her the entire Restoration and she was totally
interested!:D It was awesome stuff for sure.

Saturday night was way fun! Our investigator, Teresa, asked if she
could take us out to eat! So, we were like "Flip yeah!!" Haha!
 She took us to this restaurant called Nando's. 
Oh. My. Such good food!!:D

It's this Portuguese chain restaurant. They sell some of the best
chicken in chips! Ah man:) They have all these different sauces that
you pour over the chicken and chips that just makes it to die for.
Mmmmmm.. Anyways, she's still doing well! She's coming to church
regularly and enjoys it a ton. Unfortunately, because of the setting at
Nandos, we weren't able to testify strongly about baptism and put her
on a date. :/ But! We're seeing her again very soon so we shall keep you

Church was super good! I have exciting news as well. I'm sure I've
told ya but there are three missionaries serving from the ward right
now. Well...not anymore because one of them just finished!! :) He was
serving in Switzerland. It's been way cool to talk with him since he's
been back (which is less than a week). He's still trying to get used
to it all. He says he was ready to come home but he really misses
the mission! He bore a moving testimony in church. Since being a
missionary, I feel I can relate to the testimony of a
missionary/missionary work. It's such a great work!! 
Sometimes I can't put it all into words. :)

I think that's about it for the week! T'was good. :) This is the last
full week of the transfer. Next Sunday night I find out if I'm staying
or if I'm going! But yeah, keep up the goodness over in da States:)
Thanks everyone! 
Peace. Love. Cheerz.

Elder Wright

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