Monday, July 18, 2016

I'll be packing the bags and heading east to Leicester!! (Pronounced "Lester"...yes like creepy dude Lester)

WAZ up my peeps! :) 
So hey, I apologize in advance for the shortness of this email! 
I will explain after I mention some of the things in the week. ;) 
The weather the past two days has been delectable! :D 
Sunshine, heat....Mmm. So that's new!..;)

Let's see here...Tuesday was pretty sweet stuff. As you know, every
Tuesday we go out on splits with our WML and someone else from the
ward. Well, I had a nice time with that returned missionary, James
Heath! It was a ton of fun! While doing finding with him, we just
talked about missions and how cool they are. :) That was pretty
fun. After that, we had an ordeal with some chavs...flipping Chavsley
Hood (Chelmsley Wood).

After district meeting Thursday, I decided I'd work with Elder
Opheikens to help him out with finding and whatnot. He came
here and we tried talking to loads of people and we had a fun time! :)
We stopped a group of three guys in the park that were chilling
out. We got talking to was kinda half believer half not,
one was agnostic, and one was atheist. It was a pretty fun time
talking to those guys! Loads of different points of view.
Also, I'll tell ya about a funny/awkward moment we had. :P We
received a challenge to start playing a video on the iPad right as the
door opens when tracting. We decided to try it to see how it went and
boy was that awkward...hahaha. Right as the door opened it was an
older lady and we began to play the "Because of Him" video. Like 5
(very long) seconds into it, she was like "Uhhh....can I help you??"
Haha! Then we told her what we were doing. It was just funny:) 
The simple joys in missionary work. let me tell you about the transfer dodge!! We got the
calls and I am leaving Chelmsley Wood after 7 months! I will
definitely miss it here...I do love it. :) But, I'm also ready for this
change. In our district, the other Elders are staying the same.
Elder Matus will be here and he's getting Elder Hoffman (South
Africa). As for me...I'll be packing the bags and heading east to
Leicester!! (Pronounced "Lester"...yes like creepy dude Lester) I'll
be serving in the Westcotes Ward (My area is Westcotes A). I'll be DL
over there for a big district (Ahh! Kinda nervous. And I'm replacing
the former AP DL over pressure). So yeah, I'm excited for
sure! Oh yeah, my companion. I'll be serving with a Mr. Elder Campbell
from Edinburgh, Scotland!:) I've heard he's a cool lad...been out for
about 4 months. Should be fun! :D

Well anyways, wish me luck! :o 
Ether 12:27 is always a nice comforting scripture when feeling inadequate!;) 
Love ya guys loads! 
We shall speak in a weeks time! Ta!

Elder Wright

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