Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh! We learned that Jesus likes pancakes on Tuesday.

Hey all!! It has been a crazy week! 
Loads of change, getting used to new faces, people, streets, etc. 
But hey, it's a ton of fun:D 
As always, let's talk weather. It has been crazy!! We've
actually had 4 days-ish of straight sun! It's been awesome!! :D
As you know I am now in Leicester! 
I had to say goodbye to all the members in Chelmsley which did kinda suck. 
They're like a part of me! I'll miss them for sure. 
But hey, new adventures ahead:)

Leicester has been pretty sweet so far! We live right in city centre
in this pretty cool studio flat (On the first floor. Fist pump!) It is
so different being in a city! I've forgotten what it's like. 
It's way cool! We have a Uni in our area as well so there are
loads of young people (and tons of Chinese. Yay Ni Hao's! :)) 
It's been pretty great so far. 
Plus in Leicester, there are a total of 14 missionaries! 
It's quite opposite from previous areas! Super cool. :)
Oh! We learned that Jesus likes pancakes on Tuesday. 
Watch the video and you see what I mean. 


Elder Campbell is indeed from Scotland. From a little town
outside Edinburgh called Dalkeith. The accent...reminds me a bit of
Mike Myers. ;D Legendary. He's pretty chill! We get along well!
Actually, it's kind of funny because on my 2nd day here, we received
a "mini missionary". He's a youth from Coventry that legit got set
apart as a mini missionary and came over to us to work with us for a
week! It's been fun dragging him around, introducing him to
everything :) The district is pretty sweet! We have us, Elder Lewis
(Virginia--way sick) who is receiving a greenie this week!, and
Sisters Horwath (Switzerland) and Dignos (Philippenes). Hopefully
things go alright together!

 Campbell and a family in the ward played a little trick on me.
 It was hilarious. So, he told me that there was this
polygamist family here in Westcotes. They don't have a congregation
around here, so they come to Westcotes ward and just don't take the
sacrament. Anyways, he took me to go meet them! I was thinking "Man,
this is gonna be way awkward." In reality they have triplets, two
identical and the other looks different. They used that to tell me
that the twins were Hannah's and his (his actual wife) and the other
was Charlottes and his (Hannah's sister). It was SO believable and
they just got talking about it and stuff. Finally, they just busted out
in laughs and couldn't handle it anymore!! Haha! It was hilarious. :) 

The ward here seems pretty cool! Haven't met the bishop yet
because he's on holiday. But everyone else so far is pretty great. :) 
Big-ish ward with about 100-115 that come out on a Sunday.

We had a sweet experience teaching this guy from Africa named Kole. He
was a referral from some sister missionaries. We met up all
together in a park and taught this him. It was a way cool experience!!
He's open and loves Christ! I'm excited to go further with him. :D

Teaching here has proven to be a bit different. Like I said
earlier, it's different teaching Chinese. They aren't brought up with
any beliefs, so they have no concept of what God even is.
Usually we dedicate the first lesson to teaching about the
Godhead/prayer. But it's cool, because we have to learn to teach very,
VERY, simply. I think it'll be a good time here in Leicester though. 
I'm excited to see what will come:)

I do believe that is about it for now. "That'll do donkey, that'll
do." (Yes, Campbell did that for me! Haha) 
So yeah, we shall speak to y'all next week! 
Hope all is fair for ya. Cheers!

Elder Wright

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