Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Awesomeness at the end of the week...Callum was baptised!!!!

What's up guys!! Y'alright? 


Sorry about the shortness of all my emails last week. 
We didn't have too much time to email, unfortunately. 
It was a fun P-day though!
We went to a laser tag place with a few of the teams here in
Leicester. :) Today we should be going bowling or something. 
(The joys of having many missionaries!) 
This week was pretty dang good! 
As you know from last week, I am now with Elder Smith from
Jamaica. Kind of a cool tie as well, he knows Brayden Humphreys!!
(Member in my ward) Haha! 
Apparently they spoke at like a zone meeting or something 
before Smith came out on the mission. Haha:) 
Such a small world if you think about it..


 He's super cool! Really funny, relaxed, it's good stuff:)
He's just got that Jamaican vibe ya know. "Hey mon, no
problem!.....One Love🎶" Haha! He goes home in October so he's just
about done with the mish. But, the nice thing is, he is willing to work
if ya push him to it! :) Some missionaries just 
totally crash and burn at the end of the mission 
so it's good he's still willing to work!!

Overall not too too much happened other than 
awesomeness at the end of the week.....Callum was baptised!!!!

Yahoo!! :D It was so cool! He's doing well I believe. :) We had
most of the missionaries working in Leicester at his baptism and also
Elder Campbell came from Notts to see it. 

It was a neat experience for sure.
I always feel the Spirit super strong at baptisms. 
(If you have an opportunity to go to a baptism anytime soon...GO! It's great:)) 
But definitely was the highlight of the week for sure!:) 
He was found almost 2 months ago. 
His grandma is a less active member and the sisters 
in a different area found him and began teaching him.

Turns out he was in our area so we began to see him. He's pretty
legit! He didn't have a belief in God and his upbringing was quite
rough so it was cool to see him change and see his life change because
of the gosple!:) I guess the next step now is to try to get him to the
temple! Woo hoo!!

We were able to see the Chinese guys again as well! Unfortunately
they're not progressing too well at the moment. :/ We met them at this
super cool drum line thing in a park. They're way cool! It's just
a matter of being able to see them in a nice setting and be able to
talk more about the gospel and whatnot. 

Yup, life is pretty good right now! We will be trying to build up more
of a teaching pool as a district here so we shall see how that goes!
That's about it for now.
 Love ya peeps!
 Hope your weeks are jolly good! 
(I don't think I've heard anyone actually use that phrase
for real. Haha) 
Cheers mates!

Elder Wright

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