Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thanks so much for the love and support! :)

What is up my peeps! How you living??:) 
The week has been pretty good!
It seems like just yesterday that I was writing emails!:o 
Time flies when you're having fun! :D 
Life is pretty good eh!
Weather overall has been quite nice to be honest. Not too, too much
rain lately which has been really nice! Apparently, it's been one of
the hottest recorded summers in a long while for Britain! :)

It has been a good week for sure!! :) 
We have seen Callum a few times since he's been baptized. 
Man, he really is a legend!! 
It's crazy to see how far he has come since he started 
with the missionaries only a couple months ago! 
There is a lot of opportunity with his friend Kearan as well. 
They were best mates growing up and they kind of
followed each other's views as far as religion goes. Before Callum met
the missionaries, they were both men of science. "Why are you always
judging me....only because I believe in science!" (Wise words from
Eskeleto. Haha) But seriously, so many people nowadays either choose
science or religion. Because somehow people think they can in no way
work together....hmmm. Anyways, since Callum has started to grow faith
and understand the gospel, Kearan has been tagging along ("For the
support of Callum" " but I think he's genuinely starting to get
interested for himself) Every Saturday we have sports in the mornings
where we go to Mandela Park and play basketball and football and. 
We actually have a pretty big group coming to it (that's kind
of how the fellowshipping with Callum and Kearan came to be.
 So yeah, good things are happening over here!:D

The other stuff that's been happening is our work with our Chinese
friends!! They are so funny. :) On Friday we went to a gym
with them all to play some badminton, which was pretty sweet!
Then afterwards they took us to one of their house and they cooked
some authentic Chinese food for us!! It was awesome!! :D We've begun
teaching them more and more about God and His ways. They loved the
Because of Him video. But yeah, as far as people we are teaching
that's about it!
There are loads of missionaries coming in for this next transfer. 
(it's that time of year!) There will be loads training as well. I
thought for sure I was probably going to get that call again but
nope!....the calls came out and I was not one of them. Dodged the
bullet. Haha JK....but seriously. ;D (Ah we are currently in
city centre sitting at a bench writing these emails. As I was
pondering what to include in this weeks segment, a little girl walked
straight into a giant piece of metal and smacked her face on it.
She's mostly alright so I can say it was hilarious! Anyways, this
transfer has gone by pretty dang fast. At the end of this week, we
receive the news about transfers. Shall be interesting!! Well hey, I
do believe that concludes this session of the emails. 
Thanks so much for the love and support! :) 
Wish us luck...cheerio.

Elder Wright

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