Monday, September 26, 2016

This week was splendid!

Hey guys!! 
This week was splendid! :) 
 Pretty much the same stuff going on I suppose. 
The weather has just now started to get cooler in
the past few days. Winter is upon us! :o  It'd be a bonus if I
avoided the wetness and coldness this winter by having a car...we
shall see;) Speaking of!....Elder Hayes failed his driving test this
past week unfortunately. :/ Haha So we set up for another test on the
11th of October. Wish us luck again!! :D

So yeah, pretty much a normal as far as the work is going. The zone is
doing pretty well right now! Slight improvements each week which is
super cool!! There'll be a baptism over in Boston this weekend!!
Super exciting! :) Oh and conference, we're all super stoked for that
over here. One of the best times of year!

There was kind of a cool experience this week! There was a certain
day that we misplaced our phone at an investigator's house, although we
didn't know it was there at the time. After a DA, we noticed that
we had lost our phone so we decided to stop by a certain less active's
to use his phone to find our phone! Well anyways, we talked with him a
bit, and invited him to church! And he came!
He hasn't been in YEARS! :o He set up a time to meet with the bishop
later on this week and he's got a wife and a nine year old daughter.
It's super sweet!:D

Uni is in session now as well!! Loads of Uni students out wandering
the streets now, so it's cool to talk about their studies and whatnot.
A few of them are interested in meeting up so we shall see where that
goes. We have Nottingham Trent in our area so there are loads. We also
have a couple of students from various places that moved into the ward
as well so it's exciting to have a bunch of young bucks around. :)

That's really about all the excitement I have to share with you this
week...sorry. Haha Kinda boring. 
But hey! Hope you're all doing well over there:D 
Sure love you guys! 
Speak to yas soon:)

Elder Wright

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