Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Transfers always feels a bit like the Hunger Games.

What's up guys!! How you been? :) 
Things are going alright over here in Leicester! 
This is the last week of the transfers...which is crazy to be honest! 
Time has absolutely flown by! I guess a lot did happen in the
 past 7 weeks, but still! It's been a really good transfer! :D

Not too, too, much is new. I have some big news but we will save that
for the end! ;D We've been teaching Callum more and more since his
baptism. He's loving everything and is pretty excited for the next
steps in his journey! (Hint hint: Priesthood coming soon) The cool
thing is he's pretty tight with all the missionaries here in Leicester
and has been familiar with the missionaries for a while now. He's
actually thinking about serving a mission himself which would be super
awesome!! :) That's Elder Smiths story. He met the missionaries when he
was 17, was baptised a bit later and then came on a mission! Converts
"stories" are much more intriguing than the typical Mormon kid who was
raised in the church. Haha But yeah, it's been a really cool
experience working with him:)

Someone "soaped" the fountain. haha

We are still progressing with our Chinese friends! Ah man, they are
hilarious:) Hey, I've been learning some Chinese! 我是男人 That means "I
am a man." There's also 水 which means "water." 果 which means "fruit."
高富帅 which means "Tall, rich, and handsome." You got to get the basics
right!? Haha But yeah, we actually planned a lesson plan
with them! We are planning on either playing badminton or ping pong
with them in the chapel, and then afterwards doing a "private chapel
tour" them. The more you play it up the more they get excited.
The exclusive private chapel tour with the missionaries. ;) haha Yes!
Chapel tours have the opportunity of being absolute hits! If you do
them right, they're magical experiences! :D

We had a funny experience with the China folk. We played ping pong
with them (in which they absolutely destroyed us! They are so flipping
good it was amazing!! You know Forrest Gump?....yeah. That!) Anyways,
after ping pong they invited us over for a "huoguo" which being
interpreted means "hotpot". Basically you all just sit around this
type of kettle thing with your chopsticks and stick food in it and eat
and socialize. Pretty cool eh?? Well, the night came and we had to go
back to the flat to change. We forgot to charge our phone and as we
walked (bikes were out of commission) the phone died!! We knew where
we were supposed to meet them but there was no way of contacting them
to tell them we were there! :o We stood there for about 25 minutes
waiting but all was lost. :.( We didn't get to enjoy the huoguo!!:/ 
Oh well.. Haha

So hey, I got some big news for ya!! As you know, transfers is coming
up. The results are in. As a side note, transfers always feels a bit like
the Hunger Games. You don't know if your name will be picked
or not and you just wait in anticipation. Well hey.....they drew my
name!! :o I am not staying in Leicester any more which sucks!!

I love it here!:/ 
But yeah, let's just get into it I guess. I am leaving to
Nottingham again and am ZL over there.. We shall see how
it goes. I'm with Elder Hayes again as well which is crazy. Hmmm....
You wanna know the funny part as well? All zone leaders in this
mission have cars...that is except for us!! That's what I was
looking forward to a lot but then they told us neither of us have a
liscense. What?? Ah man, we shall see how this goes. It
is kind of crazy though because Elder Matus (my son) is replacing me
here in Leicester! That's the new news! I hope all is well for
you guys! :) Wish me luck. 
 Cheers guys!

Elder Wright

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