Monday, September 12, 2016

We were biking through what felt like a tempest, and cold rain was spraying directly into my eyeballs.

Hello from Nott'nam!.....again;) 
 I was here about 10 months ago. I can't believe that. Time flies I suppose:)
Nottingham is still doing alright. Since I was only here for 1
transfer, it never quite felt like home, but now is an opportunity to
change that. :D It's pretty likely I will stay here for 2-3 transfers!

Boy, oh boy, there are many hills over in this part of the country!
Probably not nearly as bad as Wales, but still, it makes biking an
adventure for sure. Man, I'm trying to not be bitter about us not
having cars. Let me tell you three moments in which it was very
hard for me to not be bitter about it! 
First one, the very first morning I had here, we were heading outside
 in the morning before traveling a fair distance to district meeting.
 As we were walking on the driveway, we looked and saw a perfectly
 good car just sitting there. I thought I heard it say 
"Come inside where it's warm and dry. Oh, don't worry, kick your feet up a bit. 
Just type in where you want to go and I'll take you there with little effort on your part."
 And then I realized, hey wait....that's OUR car we CANT use!

Second one, the mission home decided to let our district leader (who funny
enough is Campbell....the one I served with for 3 weeks!) use the
car for the time being until Hayes can get his license. That moment
when they came to our flat to pick up the car from us and they started
to drive away. They were all smiling and waving goodbye to us while we
stood there empty handed... And third one, on a particular rainy
day, we were biking through what felt like a tempest. As cold rain was
spraying directly into my eyeballs, the other set of sister
missionaries in our ward (STLs) drove past us all dry and waving to us
in their car! Hahaha! Ah man, amidst all the over exaggeration and
laughs, yes I do know the car isn't what the calling is all about. It
is a bonus for sure!...but the calling is a good opportunity to be
able to help out other missionaries with whatever kinds of things we
can. :)

The life as it is right now is alright! The ward here in Nottingham is
great so far!! I love it so much!:) I'm just going to go on
about some of them that I've enjoyed meeting. The bishop, so far,
is a lad for sure! He's this millionaire that you wouldn't even have
known he was one. Seems to me like one of the most humble guys ever.
He's super cool! :) There's also a few American families in the ward
that recently moved in that are cool. It took me a bit to
recognize their accent! It's to the point now where their accent seems
like the odd one, ya know? :o But yeah, there's another
member that got baptized about 9 months ago that is just a legend!!
Like seriously, he's definitely a "convert". Another thing..the ward
had a super cool ward activity this weekend too! They turned the
church into some kind of medieval Renaissance type theme. They had
 a small catapult for the kids, a cool dragon piñata thing, 
they even rented medieval horses that the kids were riding around
on!! Haha:)

We had a couple really cool teaching experiences this week!! The
first, we met a potential named Marcel that had been found a bit back.
We meet up with him and he brings three of his mates (they're all
black by the way). They're all non denomination Christians...they
believe in the core teachings of the bible and they live it! Anyways,
we did a lot of "how to begin teaching" in the lesson with them. The
more we heard about what they believe, we were thinking "Wait, that's
what we believe! Hey that's also what we believe!" They have so many
beliefs that are just crazy similar to the teachings in the church! We
taught them quite a bit in the Restoration. Oh man, it was so cool. 
Loads of smiles and soul, shouting "AMEN!" and all that kind of
jazz. Haha! :D It was so cool! I'm hoping we can go far with them!

The second cool experience was with a woman named Maria. She was a
media referral, meaning she looked online and kind of requested to
meet with the local missionaries. We met up with her in town and got a
table somewhere and just started talking with her. Really nice lady,
probably late 40s and she's been through a lot in her life! She hasn't
been too, too religious but she said she's willing to "start to open
the door". We taught her the full on Resto and man the Spirit was
strong for sure! We actually softly committed her to be baptized right
then and there! Miracle for sure!!:) Please pray for these people!!

Life is pretty good, innit. Wish us luck as we attempt to run this
zone here! We have some great teams here so it shouldn't be too
rough!:) Ah man, I love it all. Well, sure love ya guys! 
Talk to ya next week! 

Elder Wright

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