Monday, October 24, 2016

Oh missionary work...gotta love it!

October 24th

Yo yo my peeps!! What's up with you!:D 
It has been a while since a proper email.
 Hopefully I can fill ya in with all the good stuff, although 
I don't have a ton of time to write. Haha

The Quentin L Cook conference......FLIPPN GREAT man! :D 
It was soo good, I absolutely loved it!
 It was one of the most spiritual moments on my mission, 
as far as intensity of the Spirit. It's absolutely crazy. 
 Elder Cook, to be honest, he's one of those Apostles
that's kinda overlooked sometimes. When he testified though, it was
 intense. Literally every time he said "Jesus Christ" he
looked up. Then he pulled out the dodge, "I know the Savior's
voice....I've personally seen His face." The spirit was so
strong in that room, you could hear a pin drop. It just goes to show
that those guys that we listen to every six months are a
powerful witnesses of the Lord. Oh man, it's so cool. :) 
Seriously, I'm loving the mish right now. Boo yah!

Well hey, life is going pretty good!:) We've got a baptism coming up
in a couple weeks so that's great! Turnbow is way cool! We're
getting used to the ropes and everything. It's crazy nice having a
car. :D haha Oh boy. Well hey, that's the basics for now I believe! 
Hope you all are greatly fantastic!!:D 
 til next week!

Elder Wright

October 15th

Hello hello!! I suppose you are wondering why I'm emailing on a
Saturday!! :o As I told you, Elder Quentin L Cook will be coming to
the mission on this coming Monday, so our Pday is today rather than
then. :) Fun stuff!! Anyways, this week has been pretty alright so far!
Transfers was this week as well so it's pretty dang busy! Elder Hayes
moved off to Loughborough (which is funny because it's his first area
he served in!) I got a guy named Elder Turnbow, who is from Idaho. He
seems pretty cool so far!:) He's been out for about 10 months or so
and this is his first transfer as ZL. (It's a bit weird because I'm
supposed to train him to be a ZL when I'm not entirely sure what to do
either. Haha We'll see how it goes!)

So yeah, sorry if this is kind of a short email! I'm trying to think
back to any cool experiences really.. It's been a slow couple of days
because of the whole transfer and whatnot! There are some huge changes
to the zone over here's, just with teams whitewashing out and new
ones coming in. Our mission president isn't too afraid to do that a
lot...which, well I hope it's revelation! Haha:) It has been pretty
stressful the past couple of days with the new switch up but we shall
figure it out hopefully! :) Well hey, I don't have loads of time today
but everything is great so far! Super excited for the transfer!! :) It
should be great. Well anyways, gots to go! 
Love ya loads!!:) 

Elder Wright

October 10th

Hey all! :) We had a pretty good week over here! Oh boy, the weather is
dropping again! :o It's still at that awkward temperature where, when
biking, you put on a coat because it's cold but then after cycling for
a while, it's burning hot!! Haha Oh well...;)

We're doing pretty well! :) We just found out that transfers
will actually be this coming Friday due to an unforeseen opportunity
coming up next Monday...Elder Quentin L Cook will be coming to our
mission for a conference!!!:D That'll be way cool!! So they had to
move transfers back a few days because of that. Exciting news for

We had a few way cool things happen this week involving less actives. :)
We decided one night to pop by a guy named David Clark. We went by
and this old guy answered the door basically saying, "I know you're
looking for David but he moved down south." Hmmm...fair enough! So we
began talking to this man, whose name is Keith Clark, David's father.
Eventually he asked if we'd like to come in so we were of course were like
"Yeah!" Keith has lost quite a bit of faith over the years. He hadn't
been to church in about 12 years! (It was also funny because the
sisters have been trying to work with him as well but he'd been
dodging them! Haha) We shared a bit with him about our testimonies of
the scriptures and praying and whatnot. That night we set up a time to
do service for him on the Saturday. Well the sisters called us up and
were like "Hey, did you stop by Keith??" They'd said that Keith
actually called them after we popped by and told them that we kinda
pricked his conscience a bit. After doing service in his back
garden and whatnot, to our great surprise HE CAME TO CHURCH!:D After
12 years...he came!....and loved it as well:) 
It was so cool to see him there.

Haha! We have a funny side story I wanna tell ya. We were tracting
one night and this hard core atheist opened the door. He was nice
enough! Got talking with him normally, not interested at all. Mid
conversation, his cat jumps out of the house and over this hip high
brick barrier thing. Elder Hayes asked if he wanted us to grab his cat
and he was like "Yeah sure!" So Hayes leaned over this brick wall and
stretched and stretched until he grabbed this cat. Well he slipped his
feet in the process, so he was basically planking perpendicular to
this brick wall holding a cat in his hands!! Hahaha Eventually he got
up and handed this atheist his cat and he said to us sarcastically
"Cheers!...all in the name of the Lord." Haha

Also another cool story with a less active. We've been working with a
guy named Herman. He's come to church I think once since I've been
here. Anyways, at church this week he told us that he had a spiritual
experience in the week! He's going through a real rough time right now
and he said he finally decided to get on his knees and pray. Literally
a day later, an old friend in New Zealand called him up and told him
that she had a dream of him (Herman) and his father together (who has
passed away). This was a HUGE answer to a pray for him!! We will be
seeing him through the week as well:D

One last cool thing that you remember me telling you
about that Wilson guy, the Albanian? ("Wilson!!" -Tom Hanks) We set
up a time to see him at his house. We got there and he had a few of
his friends as well all sitting around the table. We started kinda
teaching all of them! One was from Holland and the other was from
somewhere in Africa, and then of course Wilson. There was a moment
when we were teaching where I thought to myself "Look at where I am!
Sitting in this Victorian house in England teaching these foreigners
(whom are huffing and puffing away) and I'm teaching them about Jesus
Christ and His plan for us." Haha Occasionally I just have those
moments sometimes where I realize what I'm actually doing! It's pretty
cool:) At the end, when we were leaving, the African said "Thank you
for this message of peace." They said we could pop by again!:) Oh
missionary work...gotta love it!

I do believe that is about all it for this weeks entry!:) I shall let
you know next week the news of the transfer!:o And if I don't write
next Monday, it's because our Pdays will be jacked up for the next
week. Sure love you guys!!:D Hope ya enjoy your week! 

Elder Wright

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