Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We got talking about the Book of Mormon, and as we spoke about it, his face just lit up! As if, in his eyes, he was holding something precious.

Yo, yo, my peeps! Y'alright? :) 
This week was pretty good actually!
Loads of good stuff happening and whatnot! The zone had a baptism over
in Boston!! Yahoo!! The sisters are rocking it out there. Super cool. :) 
The weather is for sure getting autumny. ;)
 Which means wind and wetness is coming! 
There was one day where it was super stormy and wet and I just
 texted Campbell (who has our car currently) saying, 
"#ThoseDaysYouWishYaHadaCar." He texted back saying,
 "Not a drop on us!" Haha! Good times though! :)

We had a cool experience this week! We were talking to people in
Nottingham City Centre one night, and we were really looking to find
new people to be able to teach. After finding for a bit, we stopped
this guy that's from Albania. We talked with him for a while about
what he likes about Nottingham and how long he's been here, the basics
really. Then the opportunity came when he said, "So, what ARE you guys?"
Yahoo! Haha:) We told him what we do and whatnot. We asked if he had a
bit of time we could share a message with him and he was like, "Yeah!"
We went to the local Burger King and sat at a table outside
and started teaching him about the restoration! The cool thing was we
got talking about the Book of Mormon, and as we spoke about it, his
face just lit up! As if, in his eyes, he was holding
something precious. It was a moment I don't know if I'll forget. It
just showed to me even more the converting power of the Book of
Mormon. I've come to love that Book so much! It's no longer a,
"Ah man, I've got to read my scriptures," but rather a, "When can I
start reading!" Makes ya relate to Nephi when he said, "For my soul
delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them.."

We found another lad from about a week ago named John. He was a
potential we got on the street and set up a time to see him at his
house a week later. Turns out, funny enough, he's our neighbour!
 He lives just a few houses down from us. Anyways, we show up at
his house and crazy enough he remembered and let us in! (Usually in
those instances, it's easy for people to forget about the appointment.
Props John! Haha) He's super cool though! Totally open to reading the
BoM. We're going to see him later this week. When we were setting
another appointment, he was like "How about a week from now? Is that
too soon?" In our heads we were thinking, "Hell, we'd see ya tomorrow
if you wanted!" Haha!

Oh man, there was a classic moment that happened with John right
before we left his house! We told him it was funny, we just lived a
few houses down. He was like, "Yeah, ya know it was funny. When I moved
here in April, I was talking to some neighbours and they said,
(pointing to our flat) 'Yeah a gay American couple lives in that
flat.'" hahahaha Oh man! We were cracking up!! I suppose it could seem
like missionaries are gay, ya know? Always together, always looking
really happy, etc. Haha I thought that was pretty funny!

Another really funny thing happened this week! So, one day we were in a
part of our area and all of the sudden we see this guy on his bike
ride past us with this giant subwoofer strapped to the back of the
bike and it was blasting reggae music! He had a follower as well, and
they were just cruising past us and continued on! We didn't think too
much of it until about 45 min later when we hear it coming from a
distance away. No lie, we saw him come around the corner and he had a
few more followers this time and they were all just cruising along!!
 So we decided to join in for a bit! We hopped on the bikes and
were cruising around with this Reggae Posse! There was a point
where Hayes and I looked at each other, laughing, and then looked
behind us to see a couple people following all of us. Oh man, we were
dying! Hahaha! We followed these guys for a bit towards our next
destination. :D

General Conference was great!! I loved it! :) There were so many good
talks! I think by far my personal favourite was Uchtdorf's talk on the
Saturday morning session. I believe it was the very first talk of the
whole conference. Oh man, it was so good!! :) Also, Nelson's talk on the
Sunday morning sesh....Mmmmm! Hopefully you all
 gained something from conference as well. :) 
I do believe that about concludes it for me this week though. 
Sure love ya guys! 
Speak to ya next week! 

Elder Wright

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