Monday, November 7, 2016

It doesn't matter how eloquent you think you are, how much you think you know, or how hard you find it to open your mouth.....if you have the Spirit, THAT'S what's going to touch people's hearts.

Hey guys! 
Things are well over here in Nott'nam at the moment! :) 
It was a pretty great week to be honest! The highlight obviously the baptism of Vlademir this last weekend!! :D It was a great moment for sure. But we shall talk more about that laters!;) Holy flip is it getting cold!...seriously, it's ridiculous. These are the moments when you're eternally grateful you have a car!! Oh how lovely it is. :)  Speaking of....I passed my driving test!!! Yahoo!! We were really excited about that. :D It increases the likelihood that we will remain together for another transfer. It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be so that was good. But yeah, I now have a UK drivers license. :) Cheers to that!

This week was busy, busy! Loads of travel and whatnot. Like I said, we spent P-day in Lincoln. We had to travel to Lincoln again in the week because of the driving test and also a district meeting out there. It's kinda nice because while driving to and fro appointments and meetings, we sometimes listen to talks and whatnot. We listened to a talk by this professor guy who spoke on the evidences of the Book of Mormon. It was a really cool talk to be honest...loads of cool insights and whatnot. Then we listened to a talk by Holland from the October 2012 conference called "The First Great Commandment". I felt the Spirit so strongly during that talk! There's just such a striking difference to me! It's nuts! Both talks were good in different ways, but because of the impact that the Spirit had on Elder Holland's talk, that talk now means a lot more to me than the other. I then got thinking about how important that role of the Spirit is! It doesn't matter how eloquent you think you are, how much you think you know, or how hard you find it to open your mouth.....if you have the Spirit, THAT'S what's going to touch people's hearts. Love it!

Another cool thing we did this week is we helped out with the Poppy Appeal! For those who don't know, Britain has a holiday that serves as remembrance for those who have served and are serving in the forces. It's called Remembrance Sunday. That will be this weekend I believe. Well for the weeks leading up to it, the Royal British Legion sells Poppies to donate to organizations that help out with that kind of stuff! Everyone walks around wearing Poppies on their shirts and coats and whatnot that signifies the Remembrance of those who serve in the forces. So we helped sell those at a department store, which was kinda fun!:)

Oh of the coolest finding sessions I've done on my mission happened this last week! There's a recent convert YSA that lives in Loughborough, but goes to Nottingham University. He invited us to come to this Christian Union presentation at the uni, which is basically like a worship service for a bunch of different denominational Christians. We went with the APs (we happened to be on exchange), and it was crazy awesome!! It started off with a presentation by someone that was basically on the topic of what we missionaries call "finding". It was so awesome! At the end, they had a Christian band come to the front and we all started singing How Great Thou Art....loads of people were putting their hands in the air while touching their palms as we sang. It was a bit weird for us at first, because of course, our church doesn't do stuff like that. :P After a while I was like "Man, this is awesome! A bunch of different denominations coming together and singing." At the end, they had a mingle type thing where we were able to teach a bunch of people about Mormonism and whatnot. We got loads of potential people to teach from that!!:D The original idea of all this, and I hope it still can work out, is that we can give a presentation to this group of around 150 people about what we believe in the church! I really hope it works out!!:) 

Something pretty funny happened at this Christian thing. Elder Wagner and I showed up a bit late to it. We spent a while trying to find the room in the building! We finally found it though. :) I walked into the room expecting to just slip into the back, unnoticed. Well the way the room was set, we basically came in from the front where the presentation was being given. I peeked my head around the corner and just saw 150 people staring at me. Elder Wagner started to walk in while I peeked around, and when he noticed that we were at the front, he immediately turned around. Haha! We had to walk through the crowd to the back. It was greatly awkward and funny! I still remember what my trainer said, "There will be loads of awkward moments on the mission. Just embrace it!" Haha! The other Elders were sitting at the very back. They said it was hilarious that in the middle of this presentation, this curious ginger man pokes his head around the corner at the front. Haha:P

From all the good stuff this week, the highlight of course was the baptism of Vlademir!!:) We taught him the day before the baptism, and he told us (in broken English of course) "When I first met you guys, it was just for curiosity. Now, I am converted." It was so cool!:) The baptismal service went well...wished there were more ward members in attendance, but hey. I was able to confirm him a member of the church yesterday. Oh man, the gospel is great!:) I love it so much!! Anyways, I do believe that's about it for the week. Sure love you guys! 
Thanks for the love and support!:) 
Cheers mates!

Elder Wright

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